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The Unexpected

Bridge over the mighty Mississippi

Last year I wrote about sending out an intention to the Universe of something that you would like to occur in your life (or pray), and then trust it will happen. One example I shared before was the synchronicity of our move back home.

Not only does the Universe/God answer our call/prayer in due time, but sometimes we receive answers we aren’t even looking for.

A couple of weeks ago, the hubs and I took a mini vacation for our anniversary (photos from trip above and below). I thought I was booking us in a cabin, but it turned out to be a Bed and Breakfast, which was fine. We just needed a room that wasn’t like a hotel, because we always bring Max with us. He despises hotel rooms.

But, I digressed. Anyway, the Bed and Breakfast was on a charming farm with rolling hills, disc golf and hiking trails.

Growing up a city girl, I swore I’d never live in some small “hick” town.

After talking to the friendly guests and locals, and getting to know the area, it made me wish I lived in small-town America. Everywhere we went people were welcoming, friendly and kind.

Each morning we were served breakfast in a dining room with other guests staying on the property. I love meeting new people, but mornings are not good to me. I usually need time before Friendly-Lori comes out to play. What’re you gonna do though, when other people’s friendly-selves start chatting with you? So, I dug deep for Friendly-Lori and found her.

On our last morning there, as we ate our bacon, eggs and chocolate chip muffins, a couple close to our age shuffled into the dining room. They sat at another table, but we found ourselves talking across the room with them, so they joined us at ours.

Dining Room

During the getting-to-know-you stuff, we learned the man was a pastor who’d traveled the world healing people.

He shared several inspirational healing stories with us, but this may not be something everyone is interested in. Let me just say that I find it curious, how I’ve been struggling to write my fiction novel about a healer, and I bump into a healer who is staying at the same B&B as me. What are the odds?

Church in the middle of nowhere.

There is more to our encounter with the pastor, as we were recipients of healing prayer, but maybe I’ll tell that story another time. It wasn’t something we went there for, but sometimes we receive an unexpected blessing from the Universe (and from Pastor Mike. Thank you).

This lovely arch also surprised us while there.


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  1. I find that the more I’m open to the idea of “synchronicity,” the more it happens. You already have an open mind, Lori (and I’m talking to ‘not-so friendly’ Lori as well as ‘Friendly Lori’ — haha – I’m the same- introverted, particularly in the morning). It’s not surprising that Pastor Mike was there at the right time and the right place. What’s important is that you began a conversation with him. Many of us stay in our closed-off worlds and don’t realize that a fabulous person/idea/circumstance is right in front of us.

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    1. Hi Pam. Thank you for understanding how enlightening that chance meeting turned out to be. My husband and I are both grateful for the encounter.

      I’m usually Friendly-Lori, except for first thing in the morning. I don’t drink coffee, so I need time to get my motor running. 😝 Otherwise, I enjoy talking to strangers (not the danger kind).

      I’m not sure if anyone else who read this understood my meaning, so I really appreciate your thoughtful comment.

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  2. What a beautiful town! I’m salivating over the barn and the rolling hills, Lori. Unexpected blessing are the best, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing your experience and the gorgeous photos.

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    1. There aren’t many places to get away to around here, so it was great to find a quaint, relaxing town. Thank you for the nice comment, Jill.


  3. I’m so glad you were able to get away for a bit. Steve and I just had our 20th anniversary yesterday but were completely happy with a nice meal and quiet time at home after getting back from Texas a week earlier and working hard with the unpacking.

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