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Morning Serenade

First thing in the morning, I step outside to let the dog out. Steam billows from my breath and crispy white sheets crunch under my boots. A soothing song greets me from high above. Wait, what? There’s a bird singing? I can’t remember the last time I heard a bird sing. The branches are still bear and the ground is blanketed in white. Birds don’t sing in the winter. Am I dreaming?

I blink upwards, then squint to focus between the spiny sticks. Something flitters.

I run inside to grab my good camera, because my phone just won’t do the job. I zoom in and click.

I’m being serenaded by a regal red beauty.

Hope fills my spirit that spring must be near.

I went about my usual daily activity. That night, when I went out to get the mail in the icy air, my hopes for spring, dashed. I only had my phone, so please excuse the grainy pictures.

The above photo is a view of our front yard. Looks like water, doesn’t it? Nope, just shiny snow.

Can you make out this photo? Fluffy, glistening snow is long gone. Instead, it’s weathered and trampled. The driveway is at the top of the picture, and the light from the garage is reflecting glazed, brittle snow. Looks slick, but it actually crumbles beneath my steps.

If the beautiful cardinal was trying to send a message that spring is around the corner, the forecast isn’t paying attention. Rain this weekend and then another drastic temperature drop next week.

This too shall pass. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. The cardinal is magnificent! Don’t lose hope – yes, winter will pass and spring will come! 🙂
    We’ve hit another cold bit, but not as cold as before – only -29C this time! I’m taking a couple of weeks’ holidays soon and am going to thaw out! 🙂

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    1. Hi Lynette. I’m shocked that both the cardinal and I could sit still enough to get that photo.
      I heard today that we should get some relief from this weather by the middle of March. Crossing fingers.
      So glad you’ll be able to take a holiday break soon. Hope you can do some relaxing.

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  2. Lori, I love your red warbler and even if not heralding Spring he brought light and joy into your – and now our – day! The red colour is so striking and the photo is superb – he’s posing most amiably for you! I’ll have to check out its song. It is wonderful when the bird song starts again as the winter gives way to warmer weather and I hope the snow/ice melts soon for you! Today I’ve been to the coast and it was blissfully sunny and warm … actually able to sit out and eat a quick snack! It will happen for you soon! 😀 Happy Weekend! 🌼🌻

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    1. Hi Annika. I think I need to change the word “warbler” on this piece. It’s a cardinal. I failed in trying to describe the song he sang by using “warbler.” I was really surprised that Sir Cardinal and I were both able to be still enough for that zoom-in shot.

      Oh, how nice to sit in the warm sun for a snack. I’m looking forward to that myself. It’ll get here eventually.

      Thank you for the nice comment. 🙂

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      1. Lori, I’m sure that’s just my mistake – I love looking at birds and took quite a few today at the seaside but am rubbish at what they are exactly! I’ll try to remember yours is a cardinal! Brilliant name for it!

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        1. Hey Annika, you aren’t the only one who made the same comment about “warbler.” I just changed the word to beauty. He really is a beauty, huh. 😉 Thanks so much.

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  3. We had that same kind of icy snow pack. Today we’re getting a drizzle of rain but I see that the snow line on the hills is VERY low. We could get more snow any time. I’m done with it though. Can’t get enthusiastic about more snow.
    Your cardinal is beautiful.

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    1. Hi Anneli. I was shocked that the cardinal waited for me to get the camera and then both of us stood still enough to get that shot.

      Icy snow pack for you, too, huh. Yeah, this will pass and hoping for sooner rather than later.

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      1. The snow is trying to melt in most places but falling freshly in other around the island. Our lot is in the shade so it takes a long time for the snow to leave us. Hoping, though. Nice that you got that cardinal photo. We don’t have any here, ever, and I would so much love to see one. A real one.

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  4. There’s nothing more depressing to me than trampled, dirty snow. I hope spring comes your way soon, Lori. That looks miserable. The bird looks more like a cardinal with it’s tufted head. I thought the red warbler were from found in warmer climates, like Mexico. Stay warm!

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    1. Hi Jill, yes the bird is definitely a cardinal. I guess I failed in my description. I meant the word “warbler” as “singer.” 😛

      It’s gorgeous out today. I’m going to walk the dog while I can and then hide inside when the rain comes tomorrow.

      Is it nicer weather there in NC?


    1. Thanks, Joy. I was shocked that the bird stayed there while I ran in to get my camera. I was also shocked that both the bird and I held still for the pic.
      Have a great weekend. 🙂


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