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Flip-Flops and Sweaters

I think the earth has shifted, or maybe someone has drugged me and moved my house to the North Pole, with me inside. Yesterday we received six more inches of snow on top of the ten inches already planted. On the forecast below, tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) reading is not the wind chill, but the actual temperature (-25c & -29c). The overnight temps are on the bottom.

They’re saying we will break a record from 1983. Ahh, the memories. My husband and I met in November of 1983. We dated a lot in the month of December, and that was the last time it was this cold. We are having flashbacks of the time we went into downtown Chicago to see the Christmas lights, and tried walking outdoors in -50 degree wind chill (-45c). They’re saying the wind chill this week will also break that record.

Funny side note: Since we were newly dating, my husband thought he was being romantic and offered me a horse & buggy ride downtown. I promptly thanked him but turned it down. I think he was relieved.

I know L. Marie has posted about the weather as well. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I’m leading to another point.

People here think I’m crazy to leave Florida for this stuff. They say, “I’ll bet you wish you were there now.”

Actually, no.

Those who follow me know that I’m not a hot weather person. I prefer it cool. I got tired of wearing shorts and flip-flops. I missed the warm hug of a sweater and thrill of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Here’s the gist. Even though I’m not happy about this arctic air with negative numbers, I know this too shall pass. In Florida, the warm weather never passed so that I could kick off my flip-flops and slip that sweater over my head. Oh sure, in January and February we might’ve had a few days of jeans weather, but that’s truly about all.

I’m blessed to have a warm place to put my head at night. This time we’re not young and stupid enough to brave the frigid air in the city.

Where’d the hedges go?

This was where I had originally ended this post, but I’m adding an addendum. I just received a phone call from my doctor’s office to reschedule my yearly exam that was scheduled for Wednesday. When I asked why, they said it was because of the bitter cold. They didn’t have another appointment open for a month. I wanted to ask if their heat was out. Is thisΒ  a common reaction? I don’t recall businesses closing before, but I’m hearing this is not the only one. I realized after we hung up that my prescriptions will run out. They won’t refill them until my yearly.

So how’s your winter going?


32 thoughts on “Flip-Flops and Sweaters”

    1. You’re right, a lot of businesses ended up closing. Times have changed, because they didn’t close back in ’83. Thankfully, the worst is over now. Thank you for stopping by, Sheryl.


  1. You got tired of short and flip flops? Really? I think the Florida summers are pretty nasty but at least you can go outside during some part of the day. This weather now is unforgiving. But, as you say, it shall pass..:)

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    1. HI George. Yes, this weather really is brutal. I’m ready for things to change, and that’s one reason I’m happy I’m not in Florida anymore. Nothing ever changed. I love the seasons. Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm and safe. πŸ™‚

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  2. Lori! We are survivors of the Cold Winter of 2019! Yay!
    Yesterday, I went out to start the car and drive it around a bit. Yes, it was -23. But the car needed to be started and driven. There was hardly anyone out. Businesses were closed. I stopped in the Starbucks parking lot only to discover it closed.
    I remember back i the 80s how cold it was. Nothing closed!

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    1. Hi L. I like that. We should buy shirts (or sweatshirts) that say, I survived the Chicago Polar Vortex of 2019.

      I didn’t go out at all, so it surprising to hear that even Starbucks was closed. My husband’s office closed, too. You’re right, I don’t remember anything closed in the 80s. I think we’ve turned into a society of wimps! LOL You were brave to even get out there and warm up your car.

      I went with Max out in the back yard (make sure he did his business). He still didn’t seem effected by the cold at all. He wanted to play!

      As I type this, the temp is still only -13 at 10:30am.

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    1. I heard that our temps were colder than the South Pole yesterday. Today we’re supposed a reach a balmy zero Fahrenheit, -18c. I don’t know if I believe that, cause my thermometer still says -13 F at 10:30am CST.

      Thanks for the warm wishes, Lynette.

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  3. We had our first light dusting of snow yesterday. I still get excited when it snows because I was twenty-four the first time I saw snow. It can become a nightmare for travelling to work as I have a long commute but I managed to go for a run this morning when it was -1 C outside and enjoyed far more than I would have if it had been 20 C.

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    1. Hi Abbi. How exciting it must’ve been to see snow for the first time, and I understand why it’s still exciting. I grew up with it, but then moved away and hadn’t seen it in 25 years. Since we moved back, I’m always excited to see it.

      I also can understand why -1 C is more enjoyable to run in. It’s refreshing and invigorating.

      Thanks for stopping by.


        1. Haha. How fun. When I first moved back, I rolled around in the snow with our dog, Max, who had never seen snow before. He was a Florida dog, but he LOVES the snow.


  4. Yikes! Lori, that is COLD!! I’ve been reading about the crazy polar vortex in America and it sounds frigid. If a country is prepared for snow and ice, I must say I much prefer that to the grey damp of the past two months here in the UK. However, an inch of snow leaves England paralysed with schools closed, appointments cancelled, shops struggling! It’s fun to have the seasons though a couple of weeks in the sun and warmth wouldn’t go amiss now! Stay warm and safe … and hope you don’t run out of meds! x

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    1. One inch paralyzes the UK, huh? One inch of snow here is like a day at the park. This arctic air today has caused all schools and businesses to close. No one is on the road. This too shall pass. By the weekend this should be over.

      Thanks for the warm wishes, Annika.

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    1. Wouldn’t you love to come visit me now, Anneli? πŸ˜‰ Heh. By Sunday it’s supposed to be in the 40’s. It’ll probably feel so much warmer to me that I could break out the flip-flops. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by.

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            1. Thanks, Anneli. I just put up a photo on facebook of the ice on the INSIDE of our windows. My phone right now tells me the regular temperature is -20 F. -29c. All schools and businesses are closed. Hubby is working from home today.

              Thank you for thinking of me.

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    1. Hi Kate. Yeah, the last time it got this cold in 1983, all the restaurants and stores were open in the city when we were on our date. I guess it’s been so long they forgot how to handle it. πŸ˜›

      Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. I thought Southerners were the only ones who shut down schools and businesses due to cold temperatures. That surprises me, Lori. Although I love my flip flops and summer heat, I do look forward to the change of seasons, but your winters…no way! Stay warm!

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    1. I guess they’re shutting down due to the negative numbers, because this has not happened to me before. The last time, in 1983, all the restaurants and stores were open downtown when my date (now husband) and I were in the city.

      It doesn’t usually get this cold. The forecast calls for 40’s by Sunday. That will be a heatwave. I may feel like putting on my flip-flops then. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Jill.

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