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Things I Learned from my Refrigerator

  1. Don’t buy appliances from a company that is known to be struggling.
  2. Don’t buy General Electric.
  3. It’s good to buy an extended warranty on appliances (if it’s from a company that’s not struggling).
  4. It’s good to have a spare refrigerator, even if it’s small.
  5. Things will go wrong at the most inopportune time, like a broken refrigerator when I’m expecting lots of guests.
  6. When something unexpected puts a kink in plans, I don’t handle it very well. My mind whirls in confusion, and I need someone to help me take the situation in bite sized pieces.
  7. I shouldn’t berate myself for number six on this list.
  8. I’m the only one I know that would offer my refrigerator as temporary storage if someone told me theirs had broken down.
  9. My dad told me stories about how his dad worked at an ice company in the 1940’s, where he delivered blocks of ice for ice boxes in homes. In other words, old-time refrigerators. This makes me grateful for modern refrigerators, especially since I didn’t have one for three weeks.
  10. Even after a problematic situation is taken care of, like finally getting the refrigerator fixed, something else may go wrong.
  11. Don’t panic if I get a sore throat. It’ll pass.
  12. When I get a nasty cold, take care of myself with lots of vitamins, rest and chicken soup.
  13. Don’t worry about what needs to get done. Remain optimistic that the cold will be a brief setback. Like the refrigerator debacle, this too shall pass.
  14. Despite these minor inconveniences, I’m extremely grateful for the blessings in my life. It’s good to be home.

Update: The refrigerator parts we paid for (that Sears was supposed to pay for under our extended warranty) were delivered, and on Friday it was fixed.

This home we bought two years ago has a very narrow area for a fridge. Saying it’s small is an understatement. Especially the freezer. Some day we hope to create a bigger spot, but in the meantime we need both of our freezers on a regular basis. Not to mention, both refrigerators are needed for the upcoming holiday food.

I’m writing this blog whilst breathing through pinhole airways due to a cough and cold. This will not keep me down.

I’m still thrilled to be home for the holidays.

Oh, but wait. The story doesn’t end here. Read the latest on the refrigerator saga.

How is your holiday season going?



26 thoughts on “Things I Learned from my Refrigerator”

  1. Oh you poor thing, a broken, but fixed refrigerator, a rotten cold, and the thought of preparing food for 20 people – EEEK. Must move onto the next post to see what happened.

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    1. SD, the refrigerator didn’t get actually get fixed until 2 days before Christmas Eve when company was coming. You’re right, it’s so frustrating that we buy these extended warranties to avoid this stuff and it still happens anyway. 😠

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  2. That sounds seriously stressful. Especially when the replacement broke too! Poor you. I hopevtoumanaged to have a brilliant Christmas all the same. I was hosting my family forvthe first timecever this year and would have had a complete melt down/panic attack had that happened to me!

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    1. Bienvenue, Chomeuse with a Chou. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading about my crazy refrigerator saga. I’ve been away from the computer since my last post and just now saw your comment. Hopefully things will settle down by next week and I’ll be able to get back into the swing of blogging. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you.


  3. Lori, isn’t is amazing what you can learn from a broken fridge?! What a few weeks of palaver for you and glad it is finally sorted. I love the photo of the blocks of ice for the ice boxes … very interesting! We’re coming to the end of kitchen refit following the flood damage … it is so wearing to sort everything and other peoples incompetence. However I know that all this will soon be forgotten as I relish the β€˜new’ kitchen.

    Now, take a chance to recover from your nasty cold…just do nothing … if that is possible! Have a brilliant Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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    1. Hi Annika. I’ve been doing exactly nothing all week. I’ve even had too fuzzy a head to write anything. Today I graduated from the bed to the sofa. I’ll try writing today, I hope (my day has just begun as I write this).

      Hope your kitchen is back in order promptly so you can relish in it.

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. Thanks for the update…the thing about the smaller spaces for ‘today’s sized appliances’ took us by surprise when we went to replace all the folks’ kitchen appliances for stainless in prep for selling their house…good thing we measured first…those new ‘iceboxes’ that are featured in lovely priced ‘kitchen appliance suite’ sales are huge!
    On the other side of the spectrum, keep up with those hot fluids…yeah, I know, you’re floating but hopefully getting better, too.
    BTW: I remember my folks always calling the refridgerator the ‘icebox’ ya know? I still say it from time to time
    Take care

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    1. I didn’t want stainless steal (difficult to keep clean), and that’s why I ended up with GE. It looks like stainless but it’s a different material. I forget what it’s called. GE was the only one that had it.

      I can imagine trying to buy smaller appliances for your parents’ place. They had original appliances when we moved in here, and they worked better than the news ones we bought. Hopefully you got those new appliances settled in for a sale.

      Yeah, those iceboxes were something. My grandfather used to have to haul those blocks up stairs in the apartments in the city back in the day.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Laura.

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    1. Hi L. Yes, I’ve been downing this body with soup and tea. I think I’m made of liquid right now. πŸ˜›

      Thank you for the nice comment, L. Hope you’re doing well.


  5. The things you learned from your refrigerator are good for life too. πŸ™‚

    I had the flu recently and it was massive. I was really, really sick. But, I’m probably clear now for the break (as you will probably be too). Feel better soon Lori. A cold when you have to be busy is lousy.

    Right now I feel like an old tired dog who’s dragging her butt to Christmas. I can’t wait. One of our sons is doing the whole Christmas dinner plus clean-up. It’s the best present ever! πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh boy, the flu is the worst. I had it when we first moved back to Chicago and didn’t know if I was going to make it through. I hope that you’ve gotten through it by now. I’m trying to stay optimistic that this cold will pass quickly. I’m thrilled to be spending holidays with family after years without any.

      Glad you’re getting a break from work soon. I know it’s been stressful. Sounds like a nice time to go to your son’s for Christmas.

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    1. Hi Jill. Yeah, fridge is up and running, but now I’m down and out. Hopefully this cold will pass asap.

      I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you’re doing okay this holiday season.

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    1. Hi Anneli. Yep, Sears is not picky with their customers. They’ve cheated all of us. πŸ˜›

      At least it’s finally fixed. Now, if I can just “get over” this nasty cold ASAP.

      Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

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      1. Remember I kept saying NeilMed sinus rinse is the answer? I still stand by that, except that I’ve heard of people dying from sinus infections when they’ve used “iffy” water. They recommend using distilled water, so I got the Captain to buy me a jug of it (it’s very inexpensive) and I used it with the sinus rinse and the bad throat I felt coming on yesterday is gone. I still swear by the stuff. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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        1. I have trouble with sinus rinses due to the shape of my septum. Distilled water is a great idea. Sounds like it has really helped. Thanks for sharing your tip.

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