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A Refrigerator Saga

Just popping in to give an update to those following along.

Still no refrigerator.

Here’s what happened:

The parts vendor won’t send parts to Sears because of their bankruptcy status.

We bought a five-year warranty with Sears and the appliances are only two years old.

We bought the parts ourselves and they are supposed to arrive today.

Once they arrive, the trick will be to see if a Sears tech will come out and put all the parts together inside the fridge.

In the meantime, I need to start preparing food in advance for twenty people on Christmas. Wish me luck that this week the refrigerator is fixed.

On an unrelated note, as I watched a few different football games on Sunday, I was surprised to see that the weather was the same in different cities across the U.S. Not merely gray, overcast and dreary, but misty and foggy. It’s been the same where I live for several days in a row now. Did the axis of the earth shift, and we now live in London? Seattle?

Hope everyone is staying healthy, warm and cozy this holiday season.


Here’s another update on this refrigerator from hell.


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  1. Sears should really be embarassed by the treatment you and your refrigerator have received!!! As far as the weather, they say the magnetic poles are shifting at an alarming rate, the jet stream is descending even farther south – let’s blame it on global warming, because that’s what we blame everything on !!

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  2. Oh for goodness sake! How unfair is that!? Our dishwasher seems to have broken in sympathy over the weekend. Fortunately is it still under warranty and they are sending a repairman tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they get it fixed. I know it’s mega first world problems but the husband and I both hate washing up, I work full time and we have a toddler. The dishwasher is about 25% of what is keeping our marriage together.

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    1. I think our appliances must be going on a rebellion. Someone else commented that their ice maker went out.

      I hate to complain about this stuff when it could be so much worse. But you know, I paid for this stuff, and I’m not getting the service I paid for. I wrote an update in today’s post.

      I can imagine that a dishwasher would be vital for young families. I hope it is fixed ASAP so your marriage stays in tact. 😉

      Thanks for sharing, Abbi.


    1. Hi Lynette. Freezing rain can be worse than snow. The sun finally came out here this morning, but it’s frrrrrigid.

      Thanks for the good wishes.


  3. Hoping you have the fridge working soon,Lori and happy cooking for your 20 guests! Definitely sounds like U.K. weather, grey damp foggy rain reigns! Hopefully bright glory of winter snow and frost on pure sunshine days will arrive soon. Xx

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    1. Is your fridge GE? The older ones seem much better made. We had 30-year old appliances when we moved in and bought new, but they had been working just fine.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

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  4. I thought of you yesterday when our ice maker stopped working, Lori. We’re not sure what the problem is. Of course, we have a GE, too. 😦
    Yesterday morning I commuted in the dark in thick pea soup fog…it was terrible.
    Good luck with getting the guy to your house! A funny story…years ago, our GE top oven went out. We had a repairman come out who happened to be a disgruntled GE employee. He ordered the part and came back and fixed it totally free even though our warranty was up. When Derek asked him why, he said, “Well you guys are nice and GE likes to rip off the nice guys.” He was like our Robinhood!

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    1. Oh no, not your ice maker. Hopefully you didn’t get it at Sears.

      What a great story about that guy who fixed your stove for free! I take it he wasn’t with GE at the time? How often do nice people like that come around? What a gift.

      We had fog Sunday and Monday here, too. It’s dreary and gray today. Frigid, too.

      Update on the fridge, the parts were delivered here today. Sears repairman will be here Thursday. Since we paid for the parts we asked Sears to pay us back. They refused.

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