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A Glimpse of Halloween

What a perfect night for Halloween in suburban Chicago 2018. The temperature requires only a sweater. The sky displays layers of pale yellow to pinkish-gray, reflecting onto golden glowing trees.

On the lookout for goblins and ghouls, ballerinas and Batmans.

What the heck are these below? Orange and green Oompa Loompas?








Oh no. Dinosaurs loose while kids are trick or treating!
Eeeek, don’t scroll down. It’s Svengoolie blogger.

Whew! The dinosaur below is much less scary than Svengoolie blogger.

The new addition to the family (below). The only girl among all boys stays calm despite all the commotion and scary characters.

How was your Halloween?




19 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Halloween”

  1. Many people on our road decorated (including us) and the local children were out in full force trick or treating. I took my little boy (who is 2) for the first time, dressed as a spider and he loved it. Although he keeps asking now if he can take his bucket and go out again!

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    1. How fun to take your son out for the first time. Cute that he thinks he can go back for more candy. Thanks for sharing. So glad you enjoyed the day.


    1. Hi Lynette. The photos were in my brother’s neighborhood and I spent the holiday with his kids. Their new puppy is so sweet.

      Yeah, I was pretty much a zombie, too. My nephews couldn’t tell it was me at first. I told them it’s what I look like without my makeup. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for checking out my Halloween post and sharing your costume.

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    1. Hi Andrea. Went and spent the holiday with my bro and his boys in their neighborhood. Thought I’d give them a fright with my getup. I told them it was what I look like without makeup. πŸ˜‰ Their new puppy is soooo sweet.

      Hope you’re having a nice weekend across the pond. We’re getting cold over here.

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  2. Great photos! I remember Svengoolie from back in the day!
    I spent Halloween with some friends, whose children went trick or treating. There are so many kids in their neighborhood. The doorbell rang till almost 9!

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    1. Hi L. I was thinking everyone knew Svengoolie, but it must be just a Chicago thing. There is another Svengoolie on now, but I’m not sure of the time and day.

      Sounds like you had a nice Halloween with friends. I wasn’t home to answer the door, because we spent the evening with my brother’s kids. The photos are from their neighborhood.

      Sounds like you had a lot of trick-or-treaters there. 9pm is pretty late.

      Enjoy the weekend, despite the rainy forecast.


  3. How nice that you caught some glimpses of Halloween! We haven’t had any trick-or-treaters here in at least 15 years. The last celebrating came about twenty years ago. I never liked dressing up and going to parties. And why the candy? I like the idea of All Soul’s Day better. Honoring the ancestors and those who came before.

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    1. Hi Kathy. I’ve always loved Halloween, but for various reasons, we haven’t celebrated in years. It was wonderful to go trick or treating with my nephews and spend time with their new puppy. I haven’t dressed in costume since I was in my 20’s, and I decided to creep up behind my nephews and scare them in my get-up. The weather cooperated for the first time in years, so I took advantage.

      All Souls Day is a nice way to celebrate as well. I hope you are staying warm up there in the great white north. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Ahh … I love your latest addition and she is so calm! I’m glad it was temperate for the evening and looks lots of fun. We had a calm halloween, heard all the footsteps and joyful chatter of the younger children along the street but otherwise bunkered down with film and dinner! Just perfect!

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    1. Hi Annika. The new pup is my bro’s and all of the pics are with my nephews in their neighborhood. I’ve always loved Halloween and finally got to celebrate the holiday for the first time in years.

      Sounds like you had a pleasant Halloween bunkered down with a film and dinner. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m not a big Halloween guy. Sorry to say. But I love seeing the kids. Adults drsssed up? That’s another matter. So, my wife and I went out for Thai food. Perfect. We dressed up as hungry Chicago suburbanites.

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    1. Hi David. For various reasons, I haven’t celebrated Halloween in years, but I’ve always loved the holiday. Since it was so nice out yesterday, I decided go celebrate with my brother’s family, his three kids and their new pup. It was a really fun time.

      Sounds like you had a nice dinner out. Does your Sam get worked up from the doorbell ringing, or do you keep the house closed up so no one rings? We kept our house dark, because Max goes nuts when people come to the door.


  6. Very quiet here too. Rainy and pitch black as we are just out of town. Too scary for trick-or-treaters to come here. Love the header on your blog, Lori. And whose Jack Russel is this? Yours? Very sweet dog, whoever owns the little darling.

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    1. Hi Anneli. Doesn’t sound like the weather cooperated with your Halloween. When I was growing up it seemed like it was always rainy and freezing. This year I took advantage of the gorgeous weather here and celebrated with my nephews (pictures are in their neighborhood). The puppy is the new addition to my bro’s family. She is one of the calmest puppies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She was adopted from a rescue and is a mixed breed. You can’t tell from the pic, but she is the size of a beagle and looks like a mix between that and a Jack Russell. However, she seems way to calm to have terrier in her. Her body is very elongated, so maybe even dachshund? Who knows.

      Thanks for the nice comment. πŸ™‚

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    1. We usually have quiet Halloweens every year, but this time I decided to celebrate with my nephews. Hubs stayed home in a dark, quiet house so the dog wouldn’t go crazy. The adorable pup is my bro’s new addition to the family. Three sons and one four-legged little girl.

      Thanks for checking out my Halloween, Jill.

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