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Never Met You

Lately I’ve been missing you
And I don’t know why
I never even met you
But the thought of you makes me cry

I imagine you would’ve been beautiful
Or handsome if you were a boy
You’d be on your own by now
Perhaps even in married joy

How would I have looked in your eyes
Would you respect my old fashioned ways
Would you rebel with this new amoral world
Or would you have morals and God to praise

Would you have felt comforted and safe
Or would my worries make you fear
Would my love of things childlike
Be something you held dear

Would you be carefree and funny
Or serious and shy
Would we remain close
As the years went by

Even though my life is full
I can’t help but miss you
You would’ve rounded out our family
Making every day brand new

by Lori (L. Virelli)

I took twenty minutes out of writing my WIP to express my thoughts in a poem. I apologize for the closed comments. I’m just leaving this personal note here today. If you feel the need to say something, you are welcome to comment on the About Page. Thank you for reading.