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Give and Receive

This is being written off the cuff, so bear with me.

I don’t have a lot of time for blogging this month, so this will be brief. I’m feeling emotional and confused about humans today.
I like to be there for those I love. If they need something, I want to take care of them. The thing is, I have two kinds of people in my life; those who are too proud to accept my help even if we were the last two on earth, and those who will accept my help, plus drain me of every ounce of energy I have left in order to cater to their needs.

As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, I’m a balance kinda girl. I feel completely out of kilter when things go too far one way or the other. So, this kind of stuff throws me for a loop.

I’m of the belief that we must both give and receive in order to have a balanced, productive and successful life. When we’re in need, we must be willing to accept help from others until we can get back on our own two feet. The latter is important, because once we’re on our own two feet, we must be responsible for ourselves. In another instance, if someone fills their life up with way too many activities and expects others to help take over some of them, whose fault is that?

I’m feeling frustrated at this point, because I want to help and my help isn’t being accepted. I’m left out and feel helpless. On the other hand, I’m supposed to feel guilty (but don’t) for not offering my help in a chaotic life that wasn’t created by me.

Relationships can certainly be a conundrum sometimes.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week and a happy hump day.

Do you have either of these kinds of people in your life? Those who won’t accept your help? Those who are a bottomless pit of need?


14 thoughts on “Give and Receive”

  1. Like other have said, offer and let it go, Lori. Funny, I read something recently on Twitter that relates to your situation, it said:
    Some people aren’t loyal to you.
    They are loyal to their need of you.
    Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.

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    1. When we read or hear something that is truth, it surely does resonate within. Thank you for sharing that resonating quote, Jill. Hope you are safe and all is well. ❤

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  2. First of all, your blog looks great. Love the new banner and overall look.
    Second, I agree with what’s already been said. All you can do is offer. Sometimes people don’t receive because they feel shame or guilt. Perhaps one day, that person will be ready to receive.

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    1. Hi L. Thank you for the thoughtful response about my situation and the nice comment about my blog theme change. I get bored with a theme after a while and change it. The header photo was taken in Peoria over the weekend. I went to my friend’s daughter’s wedding there and that was the view, with the rainbow, from the balcony of the reception hall.


  3. Just make a genuine offer to help and then go about your business. I think people who really need your help will turn to you if they can’t manage alone, but it’s the ones to take and take and take, who are the more dangerous ones. Don’t forget how to say no when you are being abused.

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  4. I believe there is not infinite space for compassion. There can be multitudes in the right situation, for a particular person or moment in time, but our wells, eventually run dry, either from overuse or no chance for replenishment. Believe this and you can feel free to simply do the best you can.

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