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Things Not Yet Seen

I’m sure many people have heard about the Power of Intention. It may also be known as the Law of Attraction. Let me tell you folks, this is a real thing. Whenever I put out a message to the Universe (which for me is praying to God) for something I need, eventually my message gets a response. Let me give you some examples.

1) Many of you who follow my posts know about the synchronicity of our move out of Florida back to my home near family and friends. My husband liked Florida, but not me. I won’t rehash the story, but will tell you that after my husband’s accident, he was gung-ho to change his life. The accident appeared to wake him from a repetitive cycle. Once both of us were in sync and sent the message to the Universe, viola, the perfect opportunity to move appeared like magic.

2) I was suffering with plantar fasciitis for over a year. I’d been from podiatrist to podiatrist, had needles shot into my feet, done exercises and therapy galore, to no avail. I finally sent out my message/prayer/intention to find the right treatment. One day we received a flyer in the mail for a free seminar on stem cell therapy. I thought maybe it was a sign from the Universe, so we attended the seminar. We learned that stem cell therapy costs $5,000 to $7,000 and we couldn’t afford it. However, the doctor doing the seminar had all kinds of treatments. I started seeing him and eventually was healed of plantar fasciitis.

3) Recently, I’ve been wanting to widen my girlfriend-circle but haven’t known how to go about making new friends at my age. I asked the Universe for help with this situation. Within a few weeks, two opportunities popped up. I haven’t taken advantage of either of them yet, but I may in the future.

4) I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from daily pain. I’ve been sending out messages for some time now for some affordable more natural remedies. Last Wednesday, I came across (by accident) a natural product for pain. I found places to order it online, but not enough info on it. I set it aside and decided to check more into it later. The very next day, my husband came home telling me all about this new, natural product for pain that someone in his office uses who says it works wonders. It was the same product I found the day before and had never told him about it. Only two wellness centers sell it in the entire state of Illinois, and one is three miles from me. They were able to give me all the info I needed. Jury is still out if it works, because it takes a while.

These are just four examples. I could name countless more. So, state your intentions and have faith in what you do not yet see. Keep your eyes peeled for signs and opportunities. They will arise, so be careful not to miss them. It’s not the Universe’s fault if you aren’t paying attention.

P.S. The Universe revealed an additional product for helping with pain since I drafted this post. This new product has an immediate effect.

Have you ever seen the Power of Intention at work in your life?


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    1. Hi Carl. I guess it’s sort of like wishing for something. It’s a bit more complicated though. I found that when I state my intention, I have to let go of an emotional attachment. Don’t beg, just state what I feel I need and let it go. I can’t keep asking or worrying, even if it seems I’m waiting forever. It seems when I least expect it, what I needed arrives. Life has losses, and there will be things we have to accept, but the things I stated in this post are do-able (moving, home remedies, etc.).

      Hope you are doing well. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Read your story about manifestation the other day and tried to muster a comment, but one didn’t arise until today, lol. It’s interesting how it really can work so well. Out of nothing, we can hook into the invisible and get response. For me personally, I can only manifest when my ego isn’t involved. If it’s an egoic desire, it’s not gonna happen. If it’s random and just kind of interesting the Universe often complies without a second glance. Have you experienced anything similar with ego desires?


    1. Hi Kathy. Yes, I have experienced the ego getting in the way. What I found is that when I ask for something outright and let it go without emotional attachment to how the Universe will answer, that’s when it works the best. Easier said than done, though. Sometimes, the Universe may answer, and I missed it because my ego is focused elsewhere. 😛

      While we’re on this discussion, I just had an incident this week where I had to make a decision. Instead of following my gut, I was worried about spending money. I picked the wrong thing and ended up spending money anyway. My ego about money got in the way. I should’ve trusted the Universe to provide.

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  2. I read all the posts about your husband’s accident. I am a relatively new follower so this was all new to me. I can only say WOW! I am so sorry your didn’t have local friends to help you out (thank God for your dog sitter!). It’s good to be home again for many reasons! Hope your husband’s foot is doing much better.

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    1. Hi Kate. Thank you for reading about that dastardly time of our lives with my husband’s accident. Yeah, now you know why I’m sooo glad to be home again. Get this one, right after we moved back, I fell and sprained my ankle…couldn’t walk for six weeks. A few days after I fell, Max (the dog) broke his toe! Can you believe the feet issues with us? Anyway, the point of me telling you this is because we finally lived near family, and I was able to get my sister-in-law to come and help out when Max broke his toe. I couldn’t take care of him with my swollen ankle (he was bleeding all over the house).

      Yep, definitely glad to be back. Thanks again for reading about it and for your kind comment.

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    1. Oh ack, you too with the plantar fasciitis? It seems like a pretty common ailment that can last quite a while. Some days it was so awful I couldn’t walk at all. I’m thankful both of us are doing better now. Thanks for reading, Lynette.

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    1. There are losses we can’t avoid, but as far as getting what we need in daily life, it always comes. Some people don’t see it. I’m grateful you and I do. 😉 Thanks for reading, Jill.

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    1. Certainly can’t hurt to think positive, Anneli. Keeping the faith that we will get an answer at some point, gives us something to hope for. Thanks for reading. I may be thinking positive on these things I posted, but I’m doubting my writing too much these days. I’ve been thinking of emailing you just to talk it out with a fellow author. Don’t be surprised if you hear from me.

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