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Makeup and Misery

Below is where my freaky mind goes when making random observations.

~ Makeup. I don’t leave home without it. Yes, yes, I know, I’m vain. I don’t really wear much. I curl my eyelashes (no mascara). I absolutely have to use concealer under the eyes. Then, I do a quick brush of blush for color.

Having said that, I started observing women around me to see if they wore makeup. At a local bagel shop one day, I noticed that not a single woman was wearing makeup. Not the young girls, and none of the women my age either. Was I the only one? In fact, one young twenty-something who grabbed a latte and ran out, wore a gray t-shirt, a pair of pajama bottoms and red slippers with tassels. No joke.

Then, one evening when I was at dinner at Mom’s senior place, our twenty-something server looked as if she shaved her black cat and used the fur for eyelashes. Those fuzzy jobbies were so long they almost tickled my nose from her spot near the table! Her black eyeliner was thicker than molasses, and her face looked like she fashioned it out of clay.

This is just an observation, mind you. Aside from naked (or almost naked), I really don’t care what other people wear. As usual, for myself, I prefer a state of balance between PJ-lady and furry-lashes-lady.

~ I’ve noticed that some people actually like being miserable. They are the crabby people I bump into out in the world, along with the angry people on television and social media. It seems to me that they allow people they hate to live rent free in their heads. These angry people come across as self-righteous. And, who doesn’t love being “righteous?” They are happy in their misery because so many are beneath them.

~ Speaking of angry people, last week, an old guy yelled at me from his car. It was at the library. They were blacktopping part of the parking lot, so some of it was blocked off. I had to go the wrong-way down the parking lot lane to get out, and so would anyone else who was leaving. An old guy in an SUV coming from the other direction didn’t want to move over for me. I waited him out. When he finally moved, he rolled down his window and yelled at me for going the wrong way. When he got to the end of the lane he had to do a three-point turn to come back my way and get out. I don’t know how this wasn’t obvious. They had blockades that could be seen down the street.

There you have it, my random observations for the day. Have any of your own lately?


15 thoughts on “Makeup and Misery”

  1. I don’t wear make up so I have to admit some of the really heavy make up young people wear nowadays I find too much – maybe I’m getting old as I wore a lot of make up when I was a ‘Goth’ when I was young ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I’ve seen the false eyelashes. I’ve never gone that route myself.
    I don’t consider wearing makeup vain. It’s what you like. I like a good lipstick myself.

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    1. Yeah, like Carrie said, those false eyelashes are too high maintenance. Thanks for sharing your affinity for lipstick, L. I like colored lip gloss on occasion myself. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. It seems a lot of women are wearing false eyelashes now, and not just for special events. Teenagers too. Thatโ€™s too high maintenance for me. I do wear makeup most every day. Itโ€™s so engrained in me now, it would be difficult to stop. But mine is applied quickly. I donโ€™t want to spend lots of time getting ready.

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    1. Oy! Sorry you have to work with her. That can be unpleasant to be around, but at least you get a break when you leave work.

      Thanks for the nice comment, Lynette.

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    1. Ha. Yes, Jill. I’m sure it annoys a miserable person seeing someone else or perky and happy. I usually figure their attitude comes from someplace dark inside of them, and it’s not about me.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom.


    1. That’s good, Anneli. Who knows if someone nasty hasn’t chased everyone away.

      I usually figure that the snarky/angry person is acting from a dark place inside of themselves and it has nothing to do with me personally. Even if they do attack me personally (which has been done in certain forums), it’s about them, not me.

      Thanks for the wise comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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