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Let’s Party or Let’s Sleep?

When I was twenty years old, I used to go to bars to see rock bands that started playing at 12:30am.

Thirty plus years later now, I can’t imagine doing that again. But, when my husband and I learned one of our favorite bands was coming to a bar in town, I started imagining. Could I? Should I?

Maybe since the band members were older, just like us, they’d start earlier than they used to, like around 8:00 or 8:30pm.

When we checked into buying tickets, we learned their start time was at 10:30pm. Not as bad as 12:30am, but late for us . . . ahem, mature people. The bar was a 50-minute drive into the city. Was it really that important? Wouldn’t I rather be curled up on a warm sofa watching all the weekday shows I DVR’d for the weekend? Or, have a Netflix marathon? This way, when it got late, I could fall asleep and then easily shuffle into the bedroom for the night.

My husband and I really love this band. I think he even likes them slightly more than I do. We’d seen them twice when we lived in Florida. So, would we really be missing out on anything since we’d seen them before?

The guy who pulled me on stage. See date for clothing style.

I had flashbacks of when I used to rock all night long and get home when the sun came up. Once, the lead singer (of a different band), pulled me on stage to dance just like Courtney Cox with Bruce Springsteen. Except, my lead singer was better looking than Bruce.

Those days are over. I still go to rock concerts at stadiums, which start earlier, but a bar? Late at night? Umm . . . I’m mature now. I don’t need to rock out at a bar to prove I’m still young.

This band my husband and I like is a talented bunch of musicians who write very optimistic songs. I love how uplifted and inspired I feel from their music. I even posted once about how they cheer me up. Did I really want to miss out on that music live in concert?

Six weeks ago when we learned they were coming, we discussed buying tickets but never did.

On Saturday when the date arrived, there were still tickets available. Should we go?

Yep, we went at the last minute. At first when we walked in before they started, I felt out of place, like I didn’t belong. Boy, have times changed for me.

However, once the band started, I fell right back into old patterns. And, guess what?

The lead singer (the guy pointing) came down off the stage and talked to me! Then everyone else got in the way with their selfies and I wasn’t able to get one.

We got home at 1:00am, and I was wound up. Couldn’t even sleep. I only had two drinks. Maybe one more would’ve helped.

Have you ever talked yourself into doing something that you thought you wouldn’t enjoy but then had a great time?

P.S. First band: Fayrewether from Cleveland. Second band: Sister Hazel from Tampa.


19 thoughts on “Let’s Party or Let’s Sleep?”

  1. How cool that you gained the notice of a band member twice–back in the day and now! Glad you went to the concert! What a memory you made that night!

    If I could stay up, I probably would go. I remember back in the day, not caring if a concert started at 10:30 and continued till 2 or 3 a.m. Now, I want to be in the bed!

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    1. If we’re the same age, we might’ve frequented a couple of the same places at the same time back in the day. You never know. Now, it’s mostly nighty-night by 10:30. 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment, L.


  2. Yeah, Lori!! I’m so glad you went … sometimes you need to be impulsive at the last minute. No wonder you couldn’t sleep, your head and heart full of music, the experience of being out late. It sounds like a special night and even more so with a chat with the main guy! I remember at uni going to the late movie on Wednesday night – it started at 10.30. Going out to listen to live music is invigorating, a movie so late is only sleep-inducing!

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    1. Hi Annika. My husband fell right to sleep when we got home. To my surprise, I could’ve stayed out even later!

      Thank you so much for your kind comment.

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  3. I totally can relate to this. It seems the older we get, the more “practical” reasons we think of as to why we shouldn’t do something. But on occasion, it’s wise to listen to that younger self that did as they pleased, to heck with the consequences. Glad you had fun!

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    1. Heh, Yeah, this aging thing can make things dull. We got a rare taste of excitement for once. Thanks for sharing that you can relate, Joy.


  4. Good for you! It’s hard to get me out for a concert and it’s not only the lateness. It’s parking, driving a long distance in the dark, being disappointed when they aren’t as good as they used to be. We buy DVDs of concerts and occasionally enjoy one at home. We sing along, dance and maybe have a drink or two. Then we go to bed! 🙂

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    1. Ha, yep Kate, all those things you mentioned I thought about, too. Parking, driving a long distance in the dark. That was a rare late night for us. I like you idea, too. We’ll probably try that, as well. 🙂

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  5. Since I’m at my day job @ 6:00 a.m., I probably go to bed earlier than most kids.Lol! Like you, I definitely did my share of late night concerts and pub crawls, Lori. These days, my favorite place to be is at home with Derek. I’m glad you went out and had a good time. I grabbed Jimmy Buffet’s hand once!😉

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    1. Yeah, 6am is, yawn, early. This club concert was on Saturday, so I knew we could sleep in, but I still kept thinking about just cozying up at home with Gary. Of course, this won’t be a regular thing like in the old days, but nice for a change.

      Very exciting that you got close enough to grab Jimmy Buffet! It’s great that you and I both took advantage of those days and hit those club concerts. 🙂

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  6. It’s so tempting to stay at home, isn’t it? I hear you all the way on that one. But good for you for going out to it. I’m not sure I would have. The most hubs and I manage is a movie or a Cavs game, but those start earlier.

    How cool that the band member came down and talked to you! That alone is worth the late hour.

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    1. Hi Carrie. Yeah, I’ve seen you at those Cav’s games on fb. On Saturdays, we usually like to go to dinner and then watch our weekday DVR’d shows with popcorn. Sometimes we go to a rock concert, like the upcoming REO concert we have tickets for (June). But, like I said, those are earlier.

      Glad you are able to go to Cavs games and enjoy their winning season. That’s always fun, too.


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