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Theme of Life

I took this photo a few days after I moved back to my hometown in the Chicago burbs. I always thought the sky was prettier where I lived in Florida, but then this sun showed up to welcome me home and proved me wrong.

I love things celestial. My favorite symbol is a crescent moon and star. In fact, the title of my blog came from a personal story regarding a song about the moon. Check out the old post of mine where I explain. Comments are closed over there, so come back here to tell me what the theme of your life might be.

The Story of Lori’s Lane


15 thoughts on “Theme of Life”

    1. Hi Marie. My dad also use to tell stories that were funny because of his expression in telling them. I wish I picked up his wit for my writing. Thank you for such a nice comment. 🙂


  1. “a continual road of discovery”–I love that. I’m not sure I can think of anything better suited to my theme either. Life is definitely a series of chapters. We ebb and flow and constantly evolve and learn.

    Your picture in this post is gorgeous. It could be on a book cover.

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    1. I love your comment about life, Carrie. Thank you for the nice words about the photo. I was shocked at how pink the sun looked that day. I’ve never seen it that way before or since. I found that I could look straight at it without a problem. It might’ve had something to do with the hazy, smoky clouds. I don’t know. It was so unusual.

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    1. Thank you for the nice comment, Jill. Compassion is the perfect theme for your life. With all the twists and turns to my lane, compassion has come along with me as well.

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  2. I hadn’t read that piece of yours before but my interpretation had always been that you were on a “lane of life.” I liked very much that you used the word “lane” and not highway or road. Lanes are slower and a lot more interesting, imho. 🙂

    The theme of my life – good question. As a result of my upbringing I was very behind in lots of ways. I was anxious to gulp life but didn’t do a good job of handling it. I had to learn quite a few hard lessons as well as learn myself (like most people). 🙂

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    1. Glad you understood my “lane of life” theme. I also might add that I like alliterations.

      Sounds like you’ve had a lot of twists and turns in your life, like must of us. Thanks for sharing, Lynette. 🙂

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