No Fair February

First of all, after a trial run of three posts, I’ve given up on two-hundred-word Tuesday. I’ve learned that I’m not a women of few words. I rarely go beyond 500 words anyway.

Okay, onto my topic.


Uh, yeah. Not my favorite month of the year. We got socked with snow over the weekend. But, I’m still not sorry I moved back to Illinois. I’m sitting in my favorite, bulky cardigan sweater as I type, and I love the comfort of it’s snuggly embrace. My only chance to wear one in Florida was when it would get to 60 degrees (f) (15c). And, that temperature only lasted three days at a time. Now, I break out my shorts and sandals for 60 degrees.

I’m not really a warm weather person anyway. Even 80’s (28c) are too warm for me, and 90’s (34c) last 4 to 5 months straight in Florida, without a break.

Is it weird that I find it fascinating to watch the seasons change? All of this snow and cold gives me something to look forward to. It’ll be exciting when the first buds of spring arrive. Heck, it’ll be exciting when it turns to 45 degrees (f) (7c).

People here complain about the weather a lot, but they live in Chicago for crying out loud. Do they not expect this to happen? I’m not crazy about it either, but it is what it is. What good is complaining going to do me?

Here’s a little tidbit that I hadn’t really considered when I lived in Florida. In the winter, the temperatures are pleasant, but it gets dark early. You have to cut your outdoor activities short when dusk sets in at 5:00pm, because the mosquitos come out. Not to mention, in the scorching summer the sunlight hours are so long that it’s already 82 degrees (f) (27c) at 7am.

In  short, it’s dark most of the day when the weather is nice in Florida. It’s light most of the day when the weather is nice in Illinois.

Some of you who are freezing and/or buried in snow may be ready to kick my butt for writing negatively about Florida. At least I’m not showing off with palm trees and beach scenes that I used to post in winter when I lived there.

There IS one thing I miss in a Florida February . . . The Florida State Fair.

It was practically down the street from us, and that’s where we used to spend our Valentine’s Days. We’d try to leave work a little early to get a bit of daylight in. It also kept the crowds down when Valentine’s Day landed on a weekday instead of a weekend. Not a lot of people liked going in the dark. It was something different and not schmaltzy for the manufactured holiday.

Any ideas for something different and not schmaltzy up north for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day?

Have a happy one. Love to you all.




  1. That’s my favorite part about winter too: anticipating spring. And I love summer and fall too, so much so that I would find it difficult to move to a state without a significant change in seasons. But winter, ugh winter. That is the price we must pay for the other seasons.

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    1. It was strange not to experience those changes when we moved, especially when fall came around.
      Winter really . . . REALLY teaches us to appreciate the other seasons. Thanks for stopping by, Carrie. ❤

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  2. Happy Valentine’s! 🙂

    From the amount of snow That’s piled up it looks like you have almost as much as we do! 🙂

    Like you, I enjoy seasonal change. I used to live in Phoenix and at first it was a novelty. But eventually I started to miss the seasons. It was good to have them back. 🙂

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    1. Hi Lynette. We got about 18 inches in a week of on-and-off snow showers. The weekend was the heaviest. In the pathway picture, the snow on the left is covering over the top of hedges, so that’s why it looks higher.

      If it’s starts to warm up by you sooner than by me, something wonky is going on. Heh.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys the seasonal change. I’m now REALLY looking forward to the next season. 😉


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