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Two Hundred Words Tuesday

How is your 2018 going so far? I hope it’s superb and gets even better. I like that word “superb.” Don’t recall ever using it before.

I thought I’d try something different for a while. I usually write blog posts in the 500-word range. Instead, I’m going to try and write 200 words or less, while staying in my theme of philosophical thinking.

I’m trying to give myself more time to write, but 200 words will probably be a challenge for me. I may not always respond to comments, but please do anyway, because I love reading what you have to say.

On a less philosophical note, here’s what the weather has been doing in my neck of the woods. A week ago, we hit near 60 degrees (15c), and all the snow melted. I could see the grass again! Unfortunately, within two days, the temperature dropped 40 degrees. Yesterday, sparkly white flakes fluttered out of the sky and blanketed the ground again. On the bright side, the snow could’ve been higher had the other stuff not melted.

I don’t think Max even remembers what it was like living in Florida anymore. He loves it here.

What’s the weather like where you live?


25 thoughts on “Two Hundred Words Tuesday”

  1. Max seems to be loving every moment!! 😀 I love his little coat. The winter has been the oddest for years here…sometimes cold and some snow, then warmer, rainy – the common factor is dark and dull. Not great at all! I look forward to your 200 words of philosophy, Lori! xx

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    1. Max loves the snow. He is the most obedient dog I’ve ever known, and yet I can’t get him to obey to come inside when there is snow. Thanks for reading. Always good to see you here.

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  2. It snowed heavily in Dublin yesterday evening and I was cycling home in it – I had a soaking-wet scarf around my face but the snow felt like nails being hammered into my skin. Everything in Ireland comes ‘down’ horizontally (umbrellas are no use here). I had a hat on but the snow just blew under it. The roads were slushy so it was slow cycling. I kind of enjoyed it, though. I like cycling in the dark. I scoff when people at work say ‘You can’t go out in that!’. A woman once chased me and almost pulled me off my bike because there was a yellow storm warning (small fry). I cycle through Irish hurricanes. People don’t realize how bloody lucky we are here compared to the States, where weather & nature regularly kills large numbers of people – it’s nothing, the Irish weather, compared to that. Dreary and rubbish, but in Dublin, not life-threatening. Love Max’s soulful face! Good luck with your shorter posts

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    1. You sound like quite the adventurer, cycling through hurricanes. I am thinking of you right now because a movie date I had today with a friend was cancelled because it was snowing! The snow amounted to about 3 inches, which is no reason to cancel an important engagement like going to the movies with me, don’t you agree?

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    2. I completely understand. After living in sweltering heat for so many years, I actually like the snow. But shh, don’t tell anyone here. They’d think I’m nuts.

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  3. I left New Hampshire this morning after two weeks there to help my mother after my stepdad’s passing. The first two hours in the New England mountains were a white-knuckled drive. Dark, snowy, and curvy. Not a great combination. But I made it home okay, and my own bed is looking reaaaaaally good right now. 😁

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  4. Looks pretty! We’re about to get a bit of snow in north Georgia/metro Atlanta and then frigid temperatures. Should be around 15, with wind chill of 1 tomorrow morning, which is very cold for us. It’ll be back up to 60 by the weekend. Crazy winter so far.

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  5. I think people often like reading shorter blogs. When I write posts that have 900 words–only the most focused stay with them until the end! How very wonderful that you’ve ended up back up here after all those years in Florida. Feeling your gratitude. Our weather goes up, down and turns around, just like the Hokey Pokey. Today it’s overcast, about 20 degrees, not snowing at the moment.

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    1. Hi Kathy. You’re right. I know that I like reading shorter blogs. That’s why I stayed in the 500-word range. When one writes philosophically with deep thought, 200 words will be a challenge. But, you know, sometimes the most profound things are said in one sentence. My problem is, I’m not profound, or it takes me a lot of words to figure it out. 😛

      Yes, I’m super grateful and happy to be home after so long. People are complaining about the weather and want winter to be over. My joint pain doesn’t fair well in this, but I don’t mind this weather. I find it refreshing. And of course, Max prefers it. I can’t get him to come inside in the winter. He comes straight away inside when it’s summer.

      Thanks for stopping by, Miss Kathy.

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    1. I know what you mean. When you have one type of weather for a long period of time, even rain, or cold with sunshine is welcome. You know how much that blinding, unending beam of light got to me after a while. I used to love when it rained.

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    1. Ha. 12c is a nice break. Eeek. 😉 Thanks, Lynette. Glad you like Max’s photo. He looks so adorable when he plays in the snow.


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