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No Escape from Mother Nature

When I lived in Florida, I experienced about a half dozen hurricanes. Not all at once, of course, but a few darkened our door within weeks of each other. None were direct hits, but when a giant storm is moving across a narrow peninsula, there really is no way to avoid the affects.

Now that I’m back in Chicago, I don’t have to worry about hurricanes anymore, but Mother Nature has a way of reminding us she’s still in charge.

Have you ever heard of a microburst? Apparently, that is what our suburban Chicago town experienced last Friday. I was home, writing, and watching it out the window of our office toward the front yard. Trees were bending, but I felt safe. When I could no longer even see out the window from the sheer thickness of rain blowing horizontal, I thought maybe I should head to the basement. Then I heard tap, tap, tap on the windows and decided instead to open the front door and see hail up front and close.

I think the entire thing lasted about forty minutes, and it ended right at rush hour. I heard lots of urgent sirens. Ambulances, police, fire trucks. They were loud and near my home, but I didn’t see them down our street.

I grabbed my laptop and scanned my local town’s facebook page. People were already posting pictures of fallen trees, fallen electrical wires, flooded roads…even videos of the storm itself. Roads were blocked. Stop lights were out. It seemed our small suburb was barricaded in by debris. My husband had to wait it out to drive home from work, but I was grateful we were both safe.

About an hour later, when I finally peeled my eyes away from the local facebook page, I got up and walked past our back sliding doors. Leaves covered the deck. Hmm. Maybe I should go out and take a look. I stepped out onto the deck and….gasp.

I was so lost in my computer screen, I didn’t even see what happened in my own back yard. It would seem I’m just as guilty of what I’ve accused other people of doing … not looking up.

The tree behind that back fence was also partially down.

This has not been the only rain we’ve experienced. We’ve been getting water logged day after day. I live 2.5 miles from a locally renowned river. On the 4th of July I posted a picture (below) of an island park in the middle of the river.

Below is what the island looked like on this past weekend, Saturday.

There was no way to take the picture from the same view, because the island is flooded.

Below is a photo of the bridge that goes to the river island before the recent rains.

The next picture below is a recent photo of the same bridge.

Below is a picture I took in February of a creek about a mile from our house.

Below is a picture taken on Saturday of the same creek from the same standpoint.

Just when I thought we were safe from hurricanes, I got reminded that there is no escaping Mother Nature.

I’m grateful that tree didn’t fall on our house, or that we didn’t receive any other damage. I have to say though, that white birch was our only tree and such a lovely source of shade for our back yard. I miss it already.

I know we can replace it, but it’s going to be a while. We need to get someone to remove the stump.

We have a two-day reprieve from the rain, and our sub-pump is still working diligently. More rains are forecast for the end of the week.

Have you ever realized your eyes were glued to the screen for too long? Do you seek shelter when warned about a storm, or do you open your door and take a video?


22 thoughts on “No Escape from Mother Nature”

  1. hey, just came across this post of yours.Its probably too late to say but still good to know that damage wasn’t that worse.Usually Nature is just so divine but at times it turns otherwise ,pushed by us Humans.During the last few months of Travel, I too have come across few of most beautiful creations of Nature – A Pink Pigeon , A White Peacock and some other delightful species.Have a look
    Exploring the Colours of Nature – A Photographical Insight


    1. Hi Joy. I know, right? Lots of rain. The 7 day forecast from today shows dry. I love rain, but it’ll be good to have relief from the saturated ground.


  2. I wish we had some of that water. If we don’t get any more rain in August, I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy hay in September instead of November. Ugh. Boy do I know how the weather can be, though. Being from Nevada, where it’s mild, I was so shocked the first spring I lived in Oklahoma. I didn’t know it could rain that much or have that much thunder and lightning.

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    1. I’ve watched the radar over the past few weeks with all this rain, and it’s coming from the west. But, too bad it hasn’t gone as far south as your location. That last storm was pretty bad with lightening and thunder too. Your storms are dangerous where you live now. Here’s hoping rain comes your way instead of ours for a little while. We are due for more rain tonight, but we’re supposed to dry out for a week afterward. Fingers crossed.


    1. The rain flooding wasn’t just from that day. We’ve been getting rain for the last few weeks. It finally didn’t rain Monday or Tuesday, but it’s supposed to return tonight. Hopefully the forecast is correct when they say after tonight it won’t rain for a week. Fingers crossed that we’ll have time to dry out.

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    1. I know, right? The other half of the tree was still up but leaning toward a bedroom window, so the whole thing had to come down. 😦 Anyway, thanks for the tree condolences. Good to “see” you. Hope you’re enjoying summer.

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    1. I can’t sleep through storms. I find myself mesmerized by wanting to watch and afraid at the same time, wondering if I should take cover. Good for you that you don’t think twice and sleep right through. Wish I could sleep that sound. Thanks for reading, Linda. πŸ™‚

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  3. Hail is amazing, isn’t it? When I lived in Tucson, I witnessed hail the size of golf balls covering the ground even though it was hot as blazes outside. Very strange. I’m sorry about your tree, Lori, but glad that you and your hubby and your home were unharmed in the storm.

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    1. Hi Ann. I’ve never seen hail like you’ve described, although I’ve heard about it before. It’s a teetering decision on weather to watch or take cover in such storms. This time I decided to watch. Thanks for reading and your support.


  4. I’m glad that the damage wasn’t too bad Lori and that you’re all safe. We rarely get weather that causes that kind of damage here, fortunately, though the winds can be strong and we do get plenty of rain. I’m more likely to be the one watching and enjoying the storm rather than hiding from it!

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    1. Hi Andrea. Storms are exciting and scary all at once. The powerful force of nature is amazing to behold, and I can’t decide if I want to watch or if I should take shelter (in the basement). This time I watched and thankfully I was safe. Like you though, I do enjoy a good rain. I’m enjoying the seasons here much better than where I lived before. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Hi Jill. Yes, I guess the microburst was as strong as a tornado. On top of all the other rain we’re getting, our ground is saturated and trees couldn’t hold up anymore. Nice to “chat” with you Jill. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

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  5. We rarely have bad storms but this year has had a few milder ones with trees down. Large trees! Locally they are saying our soil is saturated so the roots don’t stabilize the tree as they would in a “normal” year. We’ve also had a lot of rain this year.

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    1. Ahh, that must be why our tree went down. The ground was already really saturated from all the rain. Thank you for sharing that, Kate, and for reading.

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