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Simply Summer

The day after Memorial Day and for the rest of that week, I became scarce online. Do you know why? It was my wedding anniversary and we went to check out a cascade.

There was no checking facebook, twitter or blog here.

I didn’t realize how much peace of mind I would have not reading all the political muck thrown at each other in the Colosseum forum called Social Media. It felt like I raised above it all and landed near heaven.

I apologize to those who communicate with me through facebook or twitter. Especially to those who have helped support my writing in those forums. I haven’t been back there much since my trip. I feel as though social media has been tainting my outlook on humanity, and I’d like to believe there is good in people. I will interact with you here, and I offer my blog for those who’d like to do guest posts for promotion (or otherwise). I do guest posts once a month and like for you to share a little something about your life, then chat with those who comment. Also, if you’d like me to help you with retweeting or sharing on fb, please let me know. I will hop onto those media outlets to do so and then hop back off. I feel bad because people retweet my promos and I don’t retweet for them because I sign off as soon as I sign on.

If you’d like to do any of the above, contact me at I’ll give you more info about guest posting if you wish to do so.

May your summer be blessed with sun kisses, cooling sprinkles and refreshing lemonade. Or, iced tea if you prefer.


12 thoughts on “Simply Summer”

    1. Hi Joy. Would you believe this place is a hidden gem in Illinois? Not too much to do there other than these pictures (and shopping), but we needed the peaceful getaway. It was super hot while we were there though. Thanks for checking it out, and for noticing Max. He says thanks, too. 🙂


  1. It’s so nice to disconnect for a bit, isn’t it? Glad you got away. I’ll be doing that myself this summer on a couple trips, though I’ll likely still check into Twitter. Easy to become irrelevant there if you stay away too long, or so I’ve heard But my blogging and FB sites will mostly be silent. We all need a respite from time to time!

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  2. It looks like it was a wonderful break Lori and congratulations on your anniversary 🙂 The only social media I use is WordPress – I don’t have the energy to keep up with anything else!

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