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Live for the Journey

Every year on this date, it’s a must for me to remember this lovable furry guy in the photo. Piezon changed my life and was my everything for eleven and a half years. He had such a palpable spirit and filled up the missing spaces in my life back then (he came to me in place of the children I couldn’t have). He brought along with him a lot of positive spiritual energy that manifested in so many forms. When he died, all that spirit energy seemed to go with him.

He left this earth eight years ago today. I still think of him every single day. He brought so much life to my life. I can’t even believe I’ve gone this long without him, because I didn’t know if I could. I wrote so much about him in those days of grief.  The links below are not even half of what I wrote. There was also a short story published about him, which I wrote when he was alive. It’s a happy story about Piezon, a boy and me and was published in the short story anthology, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them.

The meaning of his name is explained in the first link below. The first two links are what I wrote about him the very day he died.

He taught me to live for the journey, not the destination. That is how I moved on…I’m living for the journey, until we meet again, then we’ll journey together.

I honor the loving spirit that changed my life.

Piezon’s Memorial Eulogy Part 1
Piezon’s Memorial Eulogy Part 2
At Three Years
At Four Years
At Six Years
At Seven Years





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  1. Hi, Lori – Your post brought tears to my eyes. We lost our 11.5 year old husky, Cody, this past November….just days apart from losing our baby granddaughter. The pain has been overwhelming for my husband and I. Sometimes we have simply been afraid to talk about it–we had no words to express our grief. On the evening of Cody’s death, I sat down and wrote, just to get the words out. Almost a month later, I wrote about our granddaughter. Your words reminded me that I am not alone. There is so much love that comes into our lives. The Jamie Anderson quote has never been more true for me, “Grief is love with no place to go.” Sending you warm thoughts on this sad day.

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    1. Oh Donna, my heart breaks for you. To lose your granddaughter and your Cody is hard enough, let alone so close together. I’m glad to hear that you’re writing it out. It took me about 2 weeks to be able to talk and write about Piezon, and then it just kept spilling out of me like Niagara Falls. Your losses are so recent, I can’t imagine the heartache you are feeling. I wish there was something more I could say to bring you comfort. At least you felt understood when you read this today. Hugs of comfort to you.


      1. Hi, Lori – I felt incredibly understood. And I realized that the pain never truly goes away. I am very happy that I discovered your blog. I will be back often!

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  2. Lovely pictures, Lori! I really enjoyed reading through the listed memories, too.

    I know what it means to have a pet “filling the space” of children we cannot have. In my case it was Lissy, a cat. She could never be “a baby” to me but she brought so much comfort and new life into my home. She died seven years ago and I still think about her a lot, too.

    I wish you strength and comfort for this day and for the journey.

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    1. I know you understand, Mirjam. Thank you for sharing your experience with Lissy. This date will always remind me of that sad moment which lasted months until I grieved. Thanks so much for your kind words of support. ❤

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