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Last week I talked about meeting new friends through social media. Today, I’m going to share with you how I met one friend in particular. I joined an author’s facebook page that had quite a lot of members. If I’m being honest, I met a lot of snarky people there, except for three really kind authors. I unfollowed the page, but luckily was accepted as friends by those three authors. It always amazes me how the Universe brings us just the right people for our lives, if we recognize them.

One of those people is my guest today. She has a lot on her plate, what with young twins at home and all. Her name is SC York, and she writes lovely stories about young women learning to find themselves. Read what she has to say and check out her work. Drop her a comment. Maybe the Universe is bringing you a timely friend with common interests.

P.S. If anyone would like to do a guest post in May, let me know at


It was Groundhog Day—again. I was covered in food crumbs and sticky juice and the non-stop crying was echoing through my house. I was wearing the same cruddy sweats and I couldn’t remember the last time I washed my hair or even attempted make-up.

“Is this my life now? Is this hell?” No. It’s just motherhood; a place where the greatest blessing in your life can lead you to lose yourself. I was tired of being tired. I knew I was lost and I wanted to find myself again.

After I tucked my children in bed and kissed each head, I went down into my basement and words flew across the page as The Last Summer Girl was born. I wanted to write a story about young adults in their twenties because I needed an escape from being a housewife in her forties. I didn’t want to write a book about the struggles of marriage and raising kids; because I am living that struggle. I wanted to remember the days before I got here. When the open road was in front of me and I had the freedom to choose which way to go. But sometimes, you are driving blind and get into trouble. It’s only when you look back, can you see the way you should have gone. That’s what I wanted to capture in this story. How choices, decisions are like dominos…and can cause those around you to fall if you make poor ones, not just yourself.

Now I feel better about being the frazzled mom who hasn’t showered because I did something for myself and I feel like “me” again. So, I found my escape from endless days of raising twin toddlers. But I still have to go back every time I hear, “Mommy, I did poop.”

If you need an escape like I did, I’d appreciate the support if you give The Last Summer Girl a read and drop a review if you could, it would be much appreciated!



Excerpt for The Last Summer Girl

Twenty-two year old Vanessa Lyman is clueless. She has no idea why her mother hates her, why her crazy ex suddenly wants her back or how to deal with the panic attacks she’s been getting since moving back home. Well, besides popping pills and chasing them with champagne.

He sees the beautiful mess she is and wants to fix her…

Ryan Stone is a hungry young investment banker stuck in the pain of his own past. He is determined to keep his true emotions hidden while portraying an image of a serial womanizer and privileged party boy to the world. Freezing people out is his forte until a chance encounter with Vanessa not only cracks his stone-cold heart but sets events in motion that stuns everyone around them. When the summer ends…well, that’s the beginning of another story.



8 thoughts on “My Guest”

    1. Thanks Andrea! It’s been quite a journey that’s for sure, but in the end, I’m proud of the story. It’s out there and a little different but that’s what I wanted to do!

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  1. Hi S.C.! Thanks for visiting Lori’s blog. I’ll definitely purchase your book. I love characters in that age range. Would you categorize it as “New Adult?” I’m not even sure if they call it that anymore, but I’ve always enjoyed that genre. Thanks for the introduction, Lori!

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    1. Hi Jill! It is New Adult & College genre…. ***does have mature language and sexual content***.. as they are kids in their twenties…exploring well the freedom that comes with adulthood but that freedom comes with a price. I also wanted to explore the dynamics between parents still trying to hold on to their kids when they reach that turning point and are ready to leave. I liken my book to “Gossip Girl on the high seas with the snarky humor of Janet Evanovich and a twist of coming of age angst, blended together, I give you The Last Summer Girl. I hope you enjoy!

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      1. Thanks, S.C.! I’m sure I will. I’ve got twin nieces who are in their 20’s and I’ve entertained the idea of writing something based “loosely” on their lives. Good luck with your release!

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