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Making Friends

People Office Co-workers Team Teamwork BusinessBlogging is so much better than facebook and twitter, at least for me. I’m not a fan of expressing myself in 140 characters, nor do I care for tons of propaganda on a wall. I like to interact both in person and through some internet venues like this one. I enjoy having people comment and making friends. I especially like having this safe place where we can go without feeling torn apart, but can find things to relate to one another.

When I had my novel in Kindle Scout, I noticed that I was getting traffic from a link called Kboards. Curious, I clicked there and found community message boards overflowing with helpful authors offering information and votes for their Kindle entries. I discovered the place about one week before my Scout campaign ended. It’s there where I met Kathy Cecala, an author who writes in a similar genre as my novel, Whit’s End.

Kathy has kindly offered for me to guest post on her blog today. I’m open for conversation over there and would love for you to come over and visit. Click on the link above and join in.


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