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Too Much is Too Much

sun burns wmJanuary, February and March.

I’ve written many times on this blog how those three months above were the only three things I liked about living in Florida. Who wouldn’t love to live where the sun shines all the time? I thought I’d love it when we left the frozen tundra of Chicago. After a a few years of forever summer, the constant sun felt like a never-ending laser beam burning me out.

It’s usually a mood lifter when the sun comes out after several dreary, rainy days. When I lived in Florida, my mood lifted on any rare dreary day.

As I type this post, now back in Chicago, the local news is doing the weather forecast. They said the coldest day ever on record for this city was January 20, 1985 . . . minus 27 degrees Fahrenheit. I was living here that year … it was the year I got married, but thankfully the wedding was in June.falltrails1212017h-467x800wm

It hasn’t been near as cold this January (2017). In fact, the temperatures for most of the month have been mainly in the 40’s and 50’s (F). The sun, however, has been hiding, and dreary abounds. We’ve seen one day of sunshine this entire month, just this past Saturday. We took advantage of it by getting out, especially since it was 59 degrees (F). I tilted my face toward that laser beam, willing it to stay out.

You might be thinking, sheesh, this girl is never happy.

Actually, I’m quite happy now that we live back home near family again. I’m also in love with experiencing the change of seasons. But, too much of anything in life isn’t always good. In fact, it could be dangerous. As much as I love sugar (specifically chocolate), too much of it, and the result is diabetes. As much as I like wine, too much of it can cause liver damage. Too much rain and flooding occurs. Too little rain and sustenance dies.

Balance. That’s my mantra.

In the mean time, I’m trying to work on my writing, but I’m having difficulty pushing words out. I’ve been doing research though, because some of the novel will take place in the 1960’s. Hey, if anyone has any tips on research, let me know.

Stay warm.

What thing do you love that would be dangerous if you had too much?




23 thoughts on “Too Much is Too Much”

  1. In a climate like the one you’re in now, the winter doldrums are inevitable. I’ve been feeling much the same. I looked at my weather app late last week. The long range forecast showed nothing but clouds. UGH! But the sun did shine on Friday, and it’s peeking through clouds today. I’ll take what I can get!

    Too much of a good thing? For me, it’s sleep. I love to get some extra, but if I lay in bed too long beyond my normal 6 1/2 to 7 hours, there’s a guaranteed headache in store for me! Ha!

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    1. I know, it’s been so gloomy. I’ve only seen the sun for one full day in January. We have some sun this morning, but it’s supposed to snow this afternoon. Stay warm, Tee. Nice to “hear” from you.


  2. Our weather has been one week 70s, the next 40s, the next 70s, the next 40s. It’s nice, but annoying as just when I get into a jogging routine outside, it turns cold again. It’s how it is every year, though. Once Christmas is over, it’s BLAH all the way through March. Lol

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    1. I never thought I’d miss sunshine again, but I realized that too much of anything is unenjoyable (is that a word? :-P) Hopefully you’ll dodge ice storms for the rest of the season. Thanks for stopping by, A.

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  3. I have to be careful around baked goods. There’s something so homey about them, but they’re usually empty carbs. I love chocolate too, of course. Yum.

    I’m having trouble getting the words out lately too. I keep hammering at my WIP, but some days it’s a real slog.

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  4. It’s always good to get a balance, so that we can appreciate the other thing more. I’d hate to live where it was sunny all the time, but I think if it rained or snowed all the time it would wear you down.

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  5. Almost anything that’s good can be spoiled if we get too much of it. In a perfect world we could pick and choose. As for the writing, doing the research is one of the most important parts of writing. You need to know a lot more than the part you’ll use in your book, but that will help you to sound authentic. Talking to people, reading, having experiences – those are all kinds of “research” and never wasted even if the facts don’t appear in your book.

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    1. Thanks for that pep talk, Anneli. I’m struggling a bit to write, so I’m hoping that research will get me motivated. I’m watching documentaries on those times at the moment.

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      1. All very necessary to the work. If you don’t feel confident about some part of the planned novel, it can easily prevent you from “picking up the pen.” I had to do a lot of research for Julia’s Violinist, and it wasn’t until I had the necessary information solidly in my mind that I could begin to write.

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  6. Believe it or not, one thing I love to do is workout. Not only is it a huge stress reliever for me, but if I’m on my elliptical or treadmill, I get an hour of guaranteed reading time every day. The downside is, I don’t rest when I have an injury…not smart.
    Thanks again for visiting last week, Lori. 🙂

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    1. Oh boy, I wish I loved to work out. So, you overdo even when you shouldn’t. Yes, that’s a no-no. You need to take care of my friend … Jill. 🙂

      Thank you for hosting me, Jill. Your kindness is so very much appreciated.


  7. That whole moderation thing! I love a good rainy day when we have not had one in a while. People sometimes think I am crazy. They think they want sun all the time and no rainy days. Well, we just experienced that with a terrible drought. Everything was burned to a crisp.

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    1. Thank you, Avery. Someone who gets it! Everyone thinks I’m nuts for not enjoying Florida’s never-ending sun. Yep, moderation.


  8. Chocolate … wine … chocolate 🙂

    Our winter here is over now (Okanagan Valley, BC) It lasted about five weeks. In the last few days the ducks have been bathing and squawking, the bit of snow we had is almost all gone, and the sun is starting to come out. 🙂 I like the seasons too.

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    1. Oh how nice that winter seems to be fading away by you. I actually enjoy winter until January hits. It’s a long road from there. Good to see you, Lynette. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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