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You may have noticed the re-blogs I’ve posted lately. You see, it all started when I entered Kindle Scout.

People were viewing my Scout page from a particular message board.

So … Click …

I followed the link that had shown up on my views-page. There, I found a message board with an eclectic group of talented and supportive authors, all who were running campaigns in Kindle Scout.

Since that time, we’ve been having some insightful discussions on those boards. The re-blogs I’ve posted have shared insights from those authors.

We’ve also entered into a cross-promo tour.

I don’t mean to complain, but as usual, it seems I’m the odd-one-out. No worries, I’m used to it. So, my genre doesn’t fit in with all the rest. There is fantasy, paranormal, thriller, mystery, romance and even dystopia. I’m really out of touch, because I had to look up that last one.wecover9title

Mine is simply Women’s Contemporary Fiction, a family saga.

Of course, I’d love for you to check out something unusual, or perhaps a bit old-fashioned, and read my book. It promises drama, relationship clashes and human beings similar to someone you may have met in your lifetime. It may even give you some food for thought (at least a couple of reviews said so). Click the book cover to find out more and buy.

Also, take a look through these other authors (below). You may just find a favorite new author in your favorite genre, aside from mine, of course. Wink, wink.

(Note to my KS Alumni: I apologize if I missed some. I’ve been having a difficult time keeping up through the holidays.)

A House of Mirrors by [Hedgecock, Liz]
Genre: Mystery. A House of Mirrors.
When Nell’s policeman husband vanishes on a routine case, she is ripped from her old life and her own secret police work to be placed under protection.

Love from Mars by [Cawood, JP]
Genre: Romance. Love From Mars.
Six people have been chosen to colonize Mars, including the charismatic and noble Ryan Clarke. Emma, a headstrong reporter, meets Ryan at the Martian Six press conference.

Beyond the Forest by [Ling, Kay L]
Genre: Fantasy. Beyond the Forest.
Lana can draw arcane powers from gemstones, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to confront a gem master.

Beneath the Skin by [Stone, Kyla]
Genre: Womens Fiction. Beneath The Skin.
For 18-year-old Sidney Shaw, life pretty much sucks. Her mom’s a drunk. Her dad’s worse. At school, she’s bullied by her ex-best friend. Cutting used to bring her relief, but not anymore. Something’s got to give.

Love, Lies & Clones by [Schultz, Joynell]
Genre: Syfy. Love, Lies & Clones.
June never asked to be cloned from her mother’s DNA. She didn’t ask for the faulty heart that beats in her chest either.

Warriors by [Lewis, Carey]
Genre: Thriller. Warriors.
Lex and the Outcasts (gang) are responsible for the framing. They discover murder is a slippery slope as they try to finish the job while keeping a dogged detective and competing gangs off their back.

Kelpie Dreams by [Vernon, Steve]
Genre: Paranormal/urban fantasy. Kelpie Dreams.
Meet Lady Macbeth—a high school librarian, ex-assassin, and part-time kelpie. KELPIE DREAMS is a funny, action-packed, paranormal romance novel.

SIMULATION (YA Dystopian SyFy) (SIMULATION WORLD Book 1) by [Black, M]
Genre: Dystopia. Simulation.
Set in 2175 in Colorado, USA, where Citigogs are the new form of cities and citizens are kept under a careful population control

What Lies Beneath the Mask by [Greenwood, Laura]
Genre: Romance. What Lies Beneath the Mask.
Three years ago, Annabelle escaped from the man that had been abusing and controlling her life from the age of seventeen. Now, Annabelle guards her heart fiercely.

Different Lee (Different Dragons Book 1) by [Hiatt, Bill]
Genre: Paranormal/urban fantasy. Different Lee.
Abandoned at birth, DL has tried to cut himself off from his past as much as possible, lying if necessary to conceal what little he knows about himself. Then he starts to have strange, unsettling dreams of goals he must reach.

My Runaway Bride Book 2: A Spoiled Brats Romance Novel by [Marchan, Marissa]
Genre: Romance. My Runaway Bride.
Spoiled Brats Romance Novel book series follows the lives of a group of spoiled brats—teenage rich kids living in the upscale town of Beverly Hills.

The Adoption: A Psychological Thriller by [Meritt, Greg]
Genre: Thriller. The Adoption.
A childless couple. An adoption specialist. A little girl with a secret. A young boy with unimaginable powers. A scientist with an over-inflated ego. And an elderly psychic who knows the truth.

Englishwoman in Paris: Heartwarming contemporary romance by [O'Brien, Jenny]
Genre: Romance. Englishwoman in Paris.
22 year old Lady Sarah Cosgrave is a student at the Sorbonne and heiress to millions, but only if she’s engaged by the time she reaches 23.

Lily of the Valley: Mansions of Karma, book 1 by [White, Ruth]
Genre: Syfy. Lily of the Valley.
A mystical allegory. A Genesis parable. A story about karmic relationships and the search for love.

Merely Players (The Gilded Cage Book 1) by [Thomson, Patricia]
Genre: Romance. Merely Players.
She was a face on his wall, a voice in his ears. He was a picture on the sports page, a sound bite on TV. When they meet, neither expect the pull towards each other, the recognition of what might be the missing piece of the puzzle.


12 thoughts on “Odd-One-Out”

  1. Oh boy, do I know how you feel on this one. When I first started the group of people I was in were all fantasy and one mystery/thriller. I was the only historical romance. Unfortunately, I have allowed that to cloud over me at times. Especially, when I’d hear comments from my friend about how much more popular her genre is than mine. Needless to say, after a couple of years hearing this, it didn’t end well a few days ago. But that’s here nor there. Back to my point, it’s okay to not fit in with everyone. We are all different. Embrace the different! 🙂

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    1. Hi Angela. What group were you in when you first started? Was it a writer’s group in person or online? I’m really lucky, because the critique group I was in (in Florida) was eclectic. Several different genres. And, for the most part, we all got along. Sometimes our personalities clashed, but somehow we talked out our issues and worked things out.

      I’m surprised you were the odd-one-out in your group. Romance is pretty popular. I’m sorry things didn’t end well. You always have a home with me. Maybe even some day you can visit my home and we can go out for some deep dish pizza and a glass (or a few) of wine. Happy New Year!


  2. I have your book on my kindle ready to be read (and reviewed on amazon of course!) hopefully I will have time soon! As always thank you for posting. Also, what is dystopia? I could google it, but I thought I’d show you aren’t the only one who hasn’t/hadn’t heard of it.

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    1. Bing definition: A dystopia is an imaginary community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is literally translated as “not-good place”, an antonym of utopia. Such societies appear in many artistic works, particularly in stories set in a future.

      There ya go, Amy. Hehe. Glad I’m not the only one.

      Thank you for getting my novel. I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year to you.

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