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One Week Contest

I have both good news and bad news. I’ll share the bad news first, but hang in there for the good news.

The bad news is, if you’re in the Midwest where I am right now, we’re suffering a deep freeze … I believe they call it another Polar Vortex.


But, I’m prepared.


Okay, I won’t hold out any longer for the good news. Goodreads is having a giveaway wecover9titlecontest to win one of 5 free copies of the paperback version of my novel (pictured right). Just go to the link below to enter. The contest will run for one week and end on December 21st (2016).

Whit’s End Goodreads Giveaway Contest.

If you’d prefer Ebook, click the book cover to purchase.

Good luck in the giveaway contest.




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