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Baking, Thanksgiving and Dysfunction

I hope everyone is enjoying family, friends, feast and some fine goodies. May those who don’t celebrate this American holiday be blessed as well.

I just finished making pumpkin cookies for Thanksgiving treats.


While I was baking, I thought about my two books. Both of them have scenes of baking and holiday celebrations. (Pumpkin cookies recipe here).


Everyone may be busy with festivities, but I thought it was fitting to share this in case you get around to reading my blog.

wecover9titleIn my debut novel, Whit’s End, the very first chapter shows the dysfunctional Whitaker family gathering for Thanksgiving. Ava, one of two main characters, is a newlywed. Her husband’s family tells her she needs to give up holidays with her own family to spend them with her new family. What? Yep, the Whitakers expect Ava to drop her own family and spend all her free time with her husband’s. If you’d like to find out how she handles it, the book is .99 cents through Thanksgiving week as an introductory offer. You can find Whit’s End, HERE.

In my short story memoir Anthology, Home Avenue, I dedicated one of the tales to cooking and baking. Who grows up in an Italian family and doesn’t homeavecover3learn to cook? ME. Read about how this happened. The memoir is free through Friday this week.  You can find Home Avenue, HERE.

If you know anyone who might like to read books like these, Share this blog link. Get them while they’re on special.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. If you read this after the holiday, I hope it was a lovely one.


13 thoughts on “Baking, Thanksgiving and Dysfunction”

  1. I am thankful for the past, while I am enjoying each day of the present. Living each day with importance at every stage of your life gives your personal experiences significance. As I moved my Dad into an assisted living apartment last week, we talked about life stages and making the most out of today’s situation.

    Oh, thanks for the recipe, I did not have that one.

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  2. I’ve read “Home Ave.” and enjoyed it very much. I could relate to a lot of your experiences, especially how hard the teen years can be. Into “Whit’s End” now. just started and enjoying it.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Lori.

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    1. Hi Anneli. I’m honored that a good writer likes you can enjoy my work. I thought of my Home Avenue short story when you shared on your blog about playing Cowboys and Indians as a kid. Thank you for the nice comment. Hope you’re having a nice day.

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  3. Definitely want to read these…they’re on the list for when things calm down here (think: nuzzling on the couch with a cuppa hot cocoa -or glass of white wine- with time to enjoy the read!)
    Have a great family feast day!

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    1. Hi Laura. Thanks for your interest in these books. The memoir takes in the chicago burbs and will take only an afternoon to read. The prices will be going up after this week, so if you want to get them and save to read, I thought I’d mention it. Amazon only allows me to give a book away for a certain amount of time. Look forward to your thoughts on them. Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. Hi S.D. Nice to see you again. Yes, you missed my 2 book releases. If you decide to read them, they’re only on special this week (in ebook). They will go up in price later. You can always get them now and read later when you get time. Hope all is well with you, too. Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Lori! The bread pudding with cinnamon syrup I made for breakfast is perfuming our air. Veggies are marinating in balsamic glaze. My daughter’s the only one who’ll eat turkey, so that’s brining. We’re grateful to be together and well! All the very best to you,dear friend! 😉 xoM

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    1. The way you described it, I’m put right in your kitchen with you, Margarita. Nice to visit while I was reading it. I’m so grateful that I live near family again so I can enjoy holidays with loved ones without having to travel over 100 to 1,200 miles. So glad you are enjoying with your family. Holiday Hugs.

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