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Out of many, One

I don’t usually post two days in a row, but I feel the need to today.

It’s been a tense year for our country. The vitriol, division and violence portrayed everywhere. It seems as if evil is taking over the entire world … and many believe that evil is “the other side who doesn’t agree.”

But, among the mucky weeds of strife, there was one beacon of light during the first week in November.


That light brought an entire city together … 5 million of them hugged and laughed and played. They felt affectionate warmth and love for each other. They smiled with pure joy emanating from their core and out to the world. No one paid attention to ethnicity or political affiliation.

Out of many, they became ONE.

I believe this beacon of light spread throughout the U.S. Perhaps even to other parts of the world … those that were made aware.

Tagged onto that 5 million, were millions more spirits of generations past, that were carried in the blissful hearts of those still living.

wrigley_field_sign_cubs_win_2003-10-03They gathered in song, chanting Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go, hey Chicago what do you say, the Cubs are World Champions today.

Honestly, I didn’t become a baseball fan until about five years ago. At that time, I supported the team where I lived (out of state).

But, being back in my hometown, feeling the palpable jubilance and real love for this city, their team and each other, gave me hope for all of mankind.

The Cubs fans, some in my own family, have followed the Cubs through every single losing season. Back in the day, my two (now deceased) grandfathers watched and cursed at the TV screen, but always came back the next day with hope in their hearts and cheered them on. I’ve never seen a Cubs fan give up on their team. None of them are fair weather.

After 108 losing seasons, no matter which team you support, who can’t help but feel the enthusiasm that Cubs fans felt that first week in November (and still lingering).

Others may post about voting today. TONS of people on facebook are posting about voting . . . even shaming those who don’t.

I’m posting about the Oneness we felt here in Chicago after this Cubs win, and how we could use that feeling to melt away our rivalries, no matter the results of the election. There are White Sox fans here too, and they joined in the revelry for the Cubs.

It’s not up to one person (a president), or a government to make us happy or unify us. It’s up to us.

God Bless America on this day of decision and beyond.

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19 thoughts on “Out of many, One”

    1. I was never a baseball fan until a few years ago when, oddly enough, the manager of the Cubs first managed in Tampa. He got the underdog Rays to the World Series (but no win). BTW, while you were watching the CMA’s and commenting on them, I was freaking out during tie in the last game of the World Series in the 10th inning. All of Chicago was biting their nails and clutching their hearts when the Indians tied the game. Thankfully, the Cubs came through.

      Anyway, the point of the post was how it brought 5 million people together in the streets of Chicago without violence, but joy and love. Not a care in the world about the stupid candidates or an election. As Joy commented on this post, I wish we could bottle it and had it out to the world.


  1. I totally agree, and I was very moved by the outpouring of true American spirit that took place during the World Series. I wish we could bottle it and keep it flowing, because we can use it all year long.

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    1. I like that, Joy. I’m stealing your idea about bottling it and keep it flowing. Thanks for sharing your take on the Cubs win from your part of the country.

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    1. I’ve never been a huge baseball fan either. Just started watching a few years ago in Tampa. I can’t usually sit for an entire 9 innings though. If they shorten the time the pitcher spits and grabs his crotch, I’m all in. 🙂 Thanks for joining in on our Cubs joy, Jill. Now, if only we could bottle it up and spread it around to more millions.

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  2. Unlike Dad, his other sibs were die hard Cubs fans so I caught the bug via my aunts&uncles. He passed away in Sept, we held the funeral a few weeks ago, only to have his closest younger sister (the one he was in charge of protecting) pass away Nov 1st. My cousins had the radio on for all the games, spending last days with her (she was in that in-between dream-sleep) talking about the game…I like to think she had the best seat in the Universe to see those Cubbies take the World Series in that last game!
    Cool tidbit, her wake/funeral took us back to ChiTown on the 4th&5th…another cousin got to see the parade up front since he has a law office on Michigan Ave…yes, we’re mourning the loss of 2 special loved ones, but like you said, Chicago wraps its arms around its own…

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    1. Oh no, Laura. I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt now, too. Two losses in such a short time is so difficult. We just lost my husband’s parents 9 months apart. We have much in common regarding this sports team. My dad was never a Cubs fan, but his dad, brother (my Uncle) and my cousins are all fans. But, living here through it, you can’t help but feel the joy. It’s catching. Now, only if we could spread that joy round this aching country. Thanks for reading.

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  3. As an Indians fan, I join ALL in the celebration of perseverance, loyalty, and Love as represented by the Cubs’ win in the World Series, Lori. THAT is the nation my immigrant family came to. 😉 xoM

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    1. I know the Indians have waited a loooong time too. That feeling of 5 million together here on that day . . . as one . . . it just proves we can do it (unify) if we really want to. Like Joy said in her comment, I wish we could bottle it and hand it out. Thanks for reading, M.

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