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Autumn’s Story

Autumn’s Story


Too many years took me away
From your explosion of colorful display
How I missed your artful splendor
Which brings me such sweet surrender


I can finally bask in your glory
As you show me your story
Of all the years you’ve stood so strong
Through heat, freeze and storms all the days long


What is it like to be the color gold
Or pinks, reds and yellows so bold?
I want to dive into your vivid array
Meld into one with your bouquet


You glow like magic in the sun
Even gleaming bright in a cloudy shun
The crisp autumn breeze brings more delight
Wafting your earthy scent as a highlight

I bask in your glory
As you show me your story . . .

written by Lori (L. Virelli)



12 thoughts on “Autumn’s Story”

    1. Thank you, Andrea. It was beautiful the first week in November when we had time off to explore our new neighborhood. I needed to express what I saw in words, but of course, had my camera handy to capture the moments.

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  1. Lovely words and stunning pictures Lori. I love this season, I took some similar pics on a recent visit to one of my favourite Liverpool Parks (Calderstones) in all its glory, included them in one of my blogs too. . x

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    1. Hopefully you’ll get some vivid colors before the season ends, Jill. My husband had the week off, and we went exploring our new hometown. Found lots to photograph. Got so many more to share. Thanks for checking this out.

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