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Will She Cheat?

wecover9titleLast time I shared an excerpt from the character, Ava. This time I’m going to share one from Meg (below).

Both of these women are in miserable marriages. One of them has an affair. The other turns down the other-man and works on her marriage.

Read both excerpts (Ava here), and guess which of these two women you think will be the one to have the affair, Meg or Ava? You can buy the book, here.

The scene below begins with Meg at orchestra practice. Both she and the character, Nathan, are married to other people.


“Stop, stop, stop,” Nathan shouted for the orchestra to hear over their instruments. “The entire horn section isn’t coming in on time. Charles, you skipped your part in C. Now, let’s start from the top.”

He raised his baton, and a lone flute sang a haunting tune. When it picked up in pace, more instruments joined. Nathan threw his baton onto the podium in front of him. “Hold it, hold it! What the hell’s the matter with you people tonight?”

Meg never saw him in such a state. This likely meant his earlier behavior wasn’t about her at all. He must just be having a bad day.

After a couple hours of tedious rehearsal, she packed her violin and approached the conductor carefully. “Is everything okay, Nathan?”

He sorted sheet music and put them into a thin vinyl case. “Yes, fine.”

Her head said to leave him alone, but the heart spurred her on. “You don’t seem yourself tonight.”

His eyes shot at her. “This is who I am, Meg. Get used to it.”

“I…I’m sorry. Well, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.”

He mumbled under his breath, “I don’t need your help.”

Meg slung a bag over her shoulder and headed toward the backstage exit. She pushed open the door to find the dark sky spilling buckets of rain. The clouds gave off a low rumble and she closed herself back inside. She looked around for an umbrella sometimes left near the door. Nothing.

The light blocked out from behind her. She turned to find Nathan approaching. “I thought you left.”

“Oh, it’s raining, and I don’t have an umbrella.” Meg fought the desire to touch him as he moved by her toward the exit.

He pushed open the steel door and tilted his head toward the sky. “It should let up soon.” Nathan held the door for her to join him on the sidewalk under a canopy.

The damp air sent a chill through her, and they huddled closer to avoid splashes. She heard him breathing. A current seemed to flow between them. His heat penetrated through her. Meg decided to break the uncomfortable silence.

He must’ve sensed it too, and they both attempted to speak at the same time.

“Sorry, go ahead,” they said in unison. Their eyes caught and both let out a guttural laugh.

“Look…” Nathan finally went first. “I know I’ve been a jerk…it’s just…”

His pause lasted forever. She thought he might confess feelings for her.

“Well, I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

It was no confession, nor an apology, but she remained silent and basked in his close proximity.

“Aww hell, do you want to go out for a coffee or something?” He curled one corner of his lips in an adorable smirk.

Meg blurted, “Okay.”

He took a gander at the rain. “You want to make a run for it?”

She nodded.

“Let’s go!”

They dashed through drenching pellets. She followed him to his gray Volvo, and he opened the passenger side for her, then quickly ran around. They leaned back in their seats and checked each other out. Their dark blond heads of hair changed to soggy brown. Both snickered at the sight of each other.

Nathan stretched his arm out as if to put it around her, but instead, sifted through the backseat. He pulled forth a roll of paper towels and handed them to her. “Here, you might want to wipe the dripping blue make-up.”

“Oh, how lovely I must look.” She hid embarrassment with sarcasm and dabbed under her eyes with the towel.

He ripped off a pile for himself and rubbed wildly through his hair. “Take whatever you need from the roll.”

The clammy strands stuck to her temples. She mimicked his moves with the towels, landing a similar sloppy style.

“Let’s play next week’s concert with our new do’s,” Nathan joked.

She giggled, and his smiling eyes gazed upon her. He cleared his throat then put the keys into the ignition. “I could sure use that hot coffee.”


Read Ava’s excerpt HERE.


11 thoughts on “Will She Cheat?”

  1. It’s a fun excerpt. Looking forward to what comes next. I definitely think Meg is going to do something she shouldn’t.

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    1. You might be right about Meg, Kourtney . . . or maybe not. Thanks for reading. Hope you’ll get to check it out when I publish.


  2. Hi Lori
    My guess is Ava! My thinking is related to the intrigue, not knowing this guy, should she at least meet the guy she has been talking to all this time. Will curiosity get the better of her. . I love the characters already. I e submitted my nomination. Good luck x

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    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for guessing. Since these are clips taken out of context, it’s difficult to tell. I appreciate you and Jill jumping in. Thank you also for nominating me.


    1. Ha. Good thoughts there, Jill. Nathan is behaving that way for a reason … bad day? Or, maybe something else. 😀 Thank you so much for guessing. No one else seems to be engaging. 😛

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