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The Feet Chronicles

There is a curse upon our feet!

You’d think the stories I told about injured feet before were enough, but no, fate has brought me more.


(Yes, those are my children’s size feet. And no, I can’t wear kids shoes because they come with glitter, bows and flashing lights.)

Those of you who have read my blog before, already know the Tale About Feet, when my husband had his accident in 2014.

Then there was last year, right after we moved out of state, our dog, Max broke his toe. A few days later, I fell and sprained my ankle.

Now, the feet chronicles continue.

After everything my husband went through with his accident, I hate to complain. My pain seems trivial in comparison, but my feet have been hurting for the better part of a year. There are times when they can’t even hold me up.

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After all these months, I’ve recently gotten the diagnosis of Planters Fasciitis. I’ve started the methods required to help the condition to heal, but nothing is working thus far. From what I understand, it can take a long time … or lead to surgery. Let’s pray the latter doesn’t happen.

At least being off my feet has pushed me into more computer work. I wecover9titlewas able to re-release my memoir anthology, Home Avenue. I entered my novel, Whit’s End, into the Kindle Scout campaign. I especially need votes for for this campaign.

UPDATE: This campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. The book has now been published and you can find it HERE.



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