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Fantasy and Real Life

4tulipscut-483x800wmMarsha A. Moore has featured my Kindle Scout campaign on her page today.

UPDATE: This campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. My Novel, Whit’s End, has now been published. You can find it, HERE.

You wouldn’t think that an author who  writes contemporary fiction and one who writes fantasy would make good critique partners.

Marsha and I proved that theory wrong.

I was never a fantasy reader, but after critiquing Marsha, I became a fan. Her vivid imagery and strong, endearing main characters always pull me in.

Many of you know that I was never thrilled about living in Florida. My critique group was one shining star in the midst of my life there. I looked forward to it twice a month. Oh sure, many authors struggle with multiple critique partners. Ours was an open group, so we had some doozies come and go. But, the ones that remained the longest were those dedicated to not only their own work, but helping other authors as well.

Marsha and I have been together the longest in our critique group. We’ve learned so much from one another, and today, I’m honored that she’s featuring my Kindle Scout campaign on her blog. Just as she made me a fan of her fantasy, she has become a fan of my fiction, yet real-life characters and their raw emotions. I mean it when I say I’m honored, because Marsha knows her stuff. She put together a meme for me, below. Click here to read what she’s posted about my novel, Whit’s End.



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