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Ava Whitaker, one of the main characters in my novel, is at her Whit’s End over her shambles of a marriage. She tries everything to make it better. One thing that brings her some hope is reading inspirational quotes.

marchsunsetknoll (449x800)wm I share such quotes here on my blog frequently. Sometimes they can give us a boost, even if only for a short time. I thought I’d share another today.

~ We experience happiness in many ways: a baby’s smile, the laughter of friends, or the beauty of a sunset. But these things alone cannot keep us happy. Happiness is a result of attitude . . . our inner workings.

Happiness begins within and radiates outward with love and warmth to those around us. Even when facing a challenge, the best of us is within . . . divine power and strength. Let the inner nature of happiness flow to find peace in any circumstance.

~ paraphrased from DailyWord ~


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UPDATE: This campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who helped me out. My novel has been published and available, HERE.

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In the mean time, may you find your inner happiness.


8 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. I’m a fan of inspirational quotes. On Christmas, I made a box full of rolled up inspiration quotes for my mom. There were about 150 in there. She opened it and asked, “Do I read them all now?” I laughed and said, “Throughout the year as needed.” She liked having a gift that lasted an entire year. 🙂

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  2. Yes Lori, I do believe that ‘happiness is a result of attitude’. . It is so easy to lose sight of happiness when other people’s attitude has an effect on you. I came across a quote about attitude recently, not sure who it was from but it does resonate with me at times ‘I don’t have an attitude problem, I am just reacting to your behaviour towards me’.
    Sometimes we can start out with a positive attitude, a happy outlook on the day, and then without any reason someone’s behaviour towards us changes our attitude so quickly. Not reacting to someone’s attitude is harder than we think sometimes.
    Good luck with your book Lori x

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    1. Hi Chris. I agree with you. We must acknowledge our emotions, whatever they may be. They are what make us human. Dwelling in sadness or anger for long periods of time is where attitudes can use a change, or shift, to happiness. Some people even pass down their dwelling anger or sadness through generations. Perhaps a way to happiness, is to take a break from other emotions once in a while to be grateful for what we have. Just some more thoughts on the topic.

      Thanks for the good wishes on my book. Appreciate it if you could tell others for me, too.

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