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Second Edition

I finally did it!


Let me explain. Some of you know that my memoir was published by an Indie publisher, and the contract ran out a couple of years ago.

Well, I’ve been meaning to get it up for sale again ever since, but my life has been pretty much a string of crazy. Beginning with my husband’s accident and then our subsequent cross-country move. We’ve lived in four homes in 15 months, our Florida home, temporarily at Mom’s house in Illinois until we found a place, found a townhouse rental, and finally bought our own home. During that time, both my husband’s parents passed away. Not to mention, the house we bought needed remodeling.

So, we still need to hang pictures and do a bit more unpacking, but I left those few things to finally get something else done!homeavecover3

I published the second edition of my memoir anthology! It’s now up and running.

The title and cover photo have been changed from the first edition. You’ve probably seen it on my sidebar, but you can click the photo on the right to go check it out (if you haven’t read the first edition). Maybe you’d like to recommend it to someone else.

Inside, there are four humorous and inspirational stories about growing up an Italian-American girl in the 1970’s in suburban Chicago. You can read more about it on my memoir page or look inside at the amazon link.

To those of you who have read it, I’d greatly appreciate if you could put up another review for me. After the contract ran out, the page was taken down along with the reviews.

Stay tuned, because if no more life issues interrupt my publishing work, I’ll have news on my novel soon.

Thank you for your support.




12 thoughts on “Second Edition”

    1. Thank you, Joy. You’re the first to like the cover (didn’t get great feedback on the change). I had to change it for reasons too long to explain, but it’s my own photo of the actual street where I grew up, Home Avenue. I appreciated reading that you like it.

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  1. Congrats, Lori! I reposted my review on the new version. When you have it up on Goodreads, I’ll post it there too. Great cover. I’m sure it feels good to have it back out there under your control!

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    1. Hi Carrie! Thank you so much for being my first review. Your support is so appreciated.

      Have you moved to the condo yet, or are you still in the process? I enjoyed reading your blog post.


        1. I know the feeling about getting rid of stuff, although as you read on my blog, I still saved a bunch of keepsakes.

          Good luck with the move. Glad you found a place.

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  2. Nice .congrats ! I will order . Look forward to reading . I am a chicago girl who relocated to CA. Your writing looks like something I definitely will enjoy .
    Blessings to you
    Ps what kind of accident ? My ex had a snowmobile accident leaving him a paraplegic

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    1. Hi Lisa. I moved away from Chicago (to Florida) in my youth as a newlywed. Was gone for 27 years! We just returned home a year ago. Talk about full circle. Just by “chance,” the Universe led us back here, and it’s been the right move.

      OMG, how sad about your ex’s accident. My heart goes out to him and all involved. We were fortunate in comparison. You may have followed the links, but my husband shattered his feet in an accident a couple of years ago. The way the Universe worked to lead us back to Chicago is at the end of that story.

      Thank you for you interest in the memoir. Hope you enjoy it. Many blessings to you as well.


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