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Candy Chemicals?

Wonka_(2908978240)I hadn’t planned a post for today, but I just saw a story on my local news station that made me want to type one out. So, this is off the cuff. I hope you’ll excuse the speed of my writing and non-editing.

It’s no surprise that as an author I love to read, or that I loved to read when I was a kid. I had some favorite children’s books. This post is about one book in particular.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (The original title)

I loved the book long before the movie with Gene Wilder and decades before Johnny Depp.

I visualized poor Charlie dodging seedy people in his neighborhood trying to get home to a little shack where his family all slept in one bed. I was so excited for him when he got the golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate factory. Oh, how I would’ve loved to join him in a place where you could swim in chocolate and chew gum with so many different flavors. Finally someone shorter than me … Oompa Loompas. Sure, there were scary parts, and for some time, Willy Wonka was dubious at best. But, we all know now the story had a happy ending.

Now, back to the local news story I started this blog with … there was a chemical spill at the Willy Wonka candy factory in my home town, and the place had to be evacuated!(Wonka_Nerds_Candy)

My mind spun back and forth between the Little Girl Lori and the Adult Lori.

Little Girl Lori: When did they put a Willy Wonka factory right where I live and why didn’t I know it was so close? My wildest dreams have come true.

Adult Lori: When did they put a Willy Wonka factory where I grew up and what kind of chemicals do they use to make candy for kids?

Little Girl Lori: I couldn’t help but wonder about Violet, Veruca, Mike Teevee and Augustus. Did one of them get in there and spill something? Were the sodas that Grandpa and Charlie drank poisonous chemicals?

Adult Lori: Wow, the fun I could’ve had with my imagination if there was a chocolate factory here when I was growing up. But, chemicals, where they make candy for kids? Really?

Needless to say, after living away from here for a quarter of a century, a lot has changed. Apparently, also how they make candy.

Have a great weekend.




6 thoughts on “Candy Chemicals?”

  1. Chemicals in candy? Who knew? Adult Kathy: Figures. Chemicals in everything. On another interesting note one of my friends posted a picture on Facebook today about how she cut her hair and now looks like the modern “Mr. Wonka”. I was assuming this was from the most current movie. So your post seemed synchronistic!

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  2. A related story (sort of) in the paper today was there are 16,000 food and beverage products that contain toxic chemicals, including Beech-Nut baby food and Starbucks bottled iced coffees and aren’t aren’t warnings on the labels. I guess we will see warning signs at check-out counters starting next May. Hmmmm.

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  3. You have to wonder whatever happened to the candy industry. We used to only worry about all the sugar. Now I’m thinking sugar isn’t such a bad thing compared to all the unpronounceable additives in those same candy products.

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  4. Sadly, it seems that chemicals sneak there way into everything these days. I’m looking at my box of Everlasting Gobstoppers (yes, I love them) now and it’s all chemicals…yikes! Have a great weekend, Lori!

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