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Faith in Things Unseen

pink-rose-wmI don’t understand a lack of faith in things unseen. Love is unseen, yet it goes on even after death. Why doesn’t love cease to exist if the person we love no longer exists?

Sure, we miss them. We miss being able to make new memories with them. But, do we stop loving them? Isn’t the reason we grieve because we love them so very deeply?

There is a never-ending component to love that takes different forms, but is always there.

Today is the seventh anniversary of the loss of my loved one. Many wouldn’t typically think of this as a loved one to grieve, but I did, for a very long time.

After I grieved that gaping hole he left in my life, I suddenly felt him with me again. Certainly, I couldn’t feel him physically, but I could feel his love for me.

I still say his name Out Loud, every single day, even all these seven years later. I’ll never forget the enrichment he brought into my life.piezon-face-600-2wm

This date, June 9th, will always be a reminder of the day I started missing a wise, spiritual dog that changed my life and taught me how to live.

Below is something I wrote for the petloss support boards on the third anniversary of Piezon’s death.

Though he is no longer here physically, our connection has not been broken. When I think of him, my heart fills with love and joy, just like it did when he was with me. When something dies, why doesn’t this feeling die with it?

Because nothing dies.

All that exists is the love … before, during and after. We are all made up of that love that never dies.

My boy is alive, well and living in love where I cannot see him, at least for now.

Thank you for indulging me as I honor this date and the love connection that will never be broken between a girl and her dog.



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  1. Hi Lori. My Great Dane, Newman died 4 years ago this week. His ashes sit in a velvet box in my bookshelf along with his collar and tags. Although we have 2 of the most wonderful dogs now, I still miss him dreadfully and cannot talk about him without tearing up. I know he is still here with us because I get glimpses out of the corner of my eye of him walking past or peering down the hall. I don’t think I will ever stop missing him. Sounds like you are the same with your special Piezon.

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    1. Seems are dogs share a close anniversary date, SD. Thank you for sharing about Newman. How great that you get glimpses of him. Even though we miss them, I know they are with us.

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  2. True, there are some who wouldn’t think of a dog as a “loved one” whose loss you should grieve. But the animal lovers of the world, me included, will understand the tremendous loss you continue to feel in the wake of Piezon’s absence. If anything, I think this type of grief makes so much sense. Our dogs love us unconditionally. Their passing doesn’t typically leave us with relational regrets and questions. When they leave us, they take away the daily physical reminder of such simple, yet profound love. Few humans are able to consistently show others that kind of love. Dogs understand how to love us perfectly. How could anyone expect such a loss wouldn’t leave a permanent scar?

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    1. This is beautifully put, Tee. Thank you for sharing. This should be shared on the petloss boards for those newly grieving. It’s could be helpful. Would you mind if I shared it there?

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  3. Hi Lori. I just found you after reading Robin Coye’s blog. I can’t believe your post this week. My guy and I were just talking about how much we’re still mourning our guy, golden Henry. He died at 13 in our arms at the vet. He was our ‘third child,’ as our grown children called him. But here’s the neat thing – he still comes around. I wake up in the middle of the night and feel his soft fur; when I open my eyes, I see my hands petting the air. My guy (a sensible practical engineer) admits that every once in awhile when he’s walking toward the couch, Henry is at his ‘spot,’ snoring.
    So yes, the love connection between us and our pets never dies. .

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    1. Hi Ms. Wight, or do you prefer Pam? I just checked out your blog. Thank you so much for coming over here and sharing about your golden Henry. I love that he shows you he is still with you. It brought tears to my eyes. My Piezon used to do those things for me too, but over time, they have faded. The last time he plopped on the bed with me was over a year ago. I thought it was our new dog, Max, but Max was lying on the floor when I checked. But, I do feel Piezon’s love. I don’t know how to explain it, but when I speak his name, or even think of him, I feel a wash of love and support.

      Goldens are so loving. It was great to read about him.


    1. Hi Angela. Piezon was my first real pet, and he changed my life. I like to remember him with friends once a year. Thank you for remembering him with me. I can certainly understand why you’d still miss your pets from long past. They leave imprints on our soul.


  4. Well said. The love we have for those who have touched our lives never dies and their spirits can still bring us joy and comfort. I love that you say his name out loud each day, such a wonderful way to stay connected.

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    1. Thank you, Joy. Yes, we can still feel the love from their spirits. It’s always good to talk about them when we need to, also. Today, I definitely needed to.

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  5. Our Mickey crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 1, our Thor on May 31. The years don’t matter. Their love and devotion is still comforting and palpable. It’s always, all ways, about Love. Just as you say, Lori. Thank you! xoM

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    1. Those dates do stick with us, Margarita. I never want him forgotten by anyone, so I like people to remember him with me once a year. Hugs to you, and to your Mickey and Thor as well.

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    1. Thank you for reading about him. I don’t want people to forget him, so I do this once a year. Thanks for the nice comment, too.


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