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The Difference A Season Makes

I find Nature’s instinct and changes fascinating. Never afraid of what lies behind the corner as It dies and gives life once again.

Last summer I took lots of pictures of berries.

berries1015a (450x800)wm
Then I took more pictures of berries in the winter.

sberries (800x408)wm
And, just yesterday I took this same shot of the berries in the spring.

spingberries (800x449)wm
Below is a shot of a tree outside our front door in the winter.

1stsnow10 (800x439)wm
Next is a shot of the same tree taken yesterday, in spring time.

springtree2 (800x449)wm
I hope that once I live among the seasons for several years, that I don’t lose this awe of Its transformations.

P.S. The present Header on the blog of tulips was taken at a park on a walk with the dog.



16 thoughts on “The Difference A Season Makes”

  1. If I am any in indication, you won’t lose your awe. I have lived my entire life in a climate of changing seasons. Each time the season shifts, it makes me pause and take in my surroundings, always marveling at Nature’s ability to create such beauty in both new life and death.

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    1. So glad to hear that someone still has their awe of nature’s changing beauty. Many people here seem bitter about living through such changes. It’s why I hope I don’t lose my awe, and I’m glad to know you haven’t. Thanks for saying so.


    1. Thanks, Andrea. It’s a beautiful spring day as I type this out. All the windows are open. Loving it. Always good to hear from you, Andrea. Have a great weekend.

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  2. Oh yes, big delighted sigh. Your pictures remind just how far we’ve come recently! (And also remembering the beauty of those first snows.)

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    1. Oh, when I saw my first real snow in 27 years. I put up an extra post with the squeal of excitement in my words. My dog, Max never saw snow before, and he LOVED it. It gave us an extra push to get out there and play in it. Of course, we don’t get the kind of snow you get there, but the first snow we had was 15 inches. After that, we only had 1 or 2 inches on several occasions for the rest of the winter, which was find with me. 🙂 it’s a beautiful spring day now as I type this. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy.


  3. I go back and forth on which is prettier, spring, fall, or winter. I’m more partial to fall and winter, I love those months more than spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t pretty. Oklahoma in the spring is beautiful. The shade of green it gets is the deepest green. It’s almost not real it’s so green.

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    1. Fall is definitely my favorite, but I don’t think I’ve experienced spring since I left here 27 years ago. I’d forgotten the hopeful change, refreshing change it brings. I don’t remember all of these flowers before I left either. Definitely there weren’t as many flowers planted.

      I know what you mean about the green. I can’t imagine after coming from Nevada how green it is by you. Believe it or not, it was not very green in Florida either. There were lots of flowers, but green was scarce. It’s great to see green again … so vivid!

      Thanks for sharing, Angela.


    1. Thanks, Jill. I usually use a high quality camera for this stuff, but I haven’t been carrying it around lately. My cell camera usually stinks, but it did okay in these instances. Have a great week.

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  4. This is the beauty of four seasons. I recently put a photo on Twitter of one of my trees in winter and the same one in spring. The contrast is amazing, and it’s for that reason I put up with winter. I love experiencing the other three seasons. From your great photos and your past posts, I’m betting you do too!

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    1. Oh yes, Carrie, I’ve loved experiencing my first four seasons in over two dozen years. I hope I don’t grow tired of it, because right now, as I said, I’m in awe of the transformations. I’m not a twitter user and sorry I missed your photos. I try twitter on rare occasions, but I just can’t seem to get in the swing of it. 😛 Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know others take joy in the changes as well.


    1. I didn’t even use my good camera for these. My cell phone usually takes terrible pictures, but I haven’t been carrying my Canon around lately. My eyes wanted to capture my surroundings so I used my cell.

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