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I’d completely forgotten that hopeful feeling that comes with spring.

Just two weeks ago, during the first ten days of April, nature brought in snow squalls on and off each day. The temperature grew frigid.

snowinapril2 (800x479) wm
As I draft this post on April 18th, the temperature is 83 degrees with sunshine.

fambikers (800x444) wm
You know the old saying that you can’t know joy without sorrow? It’s not just a saying, it’s true, and it’s also the truth about living in an environment that doesn’t have seasons.

Once a body has experienced cold and barren nature, the first sparks of warmth and buds brings joy. Not that winter isn’t pretty, but after prolonged exposure, gratitude for sunshine and warmth abounds.

I had no appreciation for the sunshine in Florida. The heat and humidity lasts for most of the year, so there was rarely any change. After a quarter of a century, I had no means for comparison anymore. The temperature didn’t change all that much, with some fluctuations in December through March. Sure, there was rain, but even that was fleeting.

dandi1 (800x426)wm
My dog Max, sniffed a dandelion for the first time, because they didn’t exist in Florida. I know they are considered weeds, but they are a reminder of glorious change.

People emerge from their winter cocoons. Riding bikes. Walking their dogs. Relaxing in the comforting warmth of rays from above. Smiles on faces. Spring in their steps (pun intended).

grasssit (800x393) wm
They have something to compare their days to … snow squalls two weeks ago, sunshine and warmth today.


Moods are lifted and the entire energy of the community is upbeat.

New life is springing up everywhere.

The change in seasons fascinates me. It’s Nature doing Its thing all on Its own. There is no one punching keys on a computer to bring in spring. We can only watch and adjust to each season.

I’m enjoying observing nature slowly come alive again. I get to watch the buds turn into blooms!

No1 (800x449)wmThis will turn into ….


lotflowers (800x555) wm
How do the leaves know to fade away and die in preparation for winter?

1stfall1 (800x438) wm
How do the trees know when spring has sprung to grow back new leaves?

I envy nature’s instinct.

lilacbuds (615x800)wmThis will turn into …


lilacs1 (800x449) wm
Nature has no fear of death in the winter and trusts life will return in another form around the bend.

I believe in a life after death, but what it is, I cannot say. Which sometimes leaves me feeling uneasy at the thought.

I envy nature’s fearless faith in life after death.

There are few areas in life where I let go of control. Knowing I can’t control Nature as It takes care of Itself actually brings me a sense of peace.

Nature is one thing I trust.

How do you feel about the seasons? Would you be happy never experiencing them again? Which is your favorite season?

P.S.  Along with the hope of spring, brought hope for good health. I’m 80% better from that wretched virus.



20 thoughts on “Hopespring”

  1. You’re so right about the changing seasons giving us reason to hope and celebrate. After a long, dreary winter, spring brings such joy! (Sometimes it just feels like it takes way too long to get here!)

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  2. Growing up in CT, I always had seasons. When I moved to Southern California, it was weirdly wonderful to be able to walk in the ocean in November. I definitely enjoyed the change, but I do love the seasons.You captured the wonder of them perfectly here. I think spring is my favorite (except for the allergies).

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    1. Oh, ack, allergies. I’m still battling the tail end of this devil virus. I can imagine when you moved to Southern Cal, because I experienced something similar when first moving to Florida. SoCal has much better weather though. I’m enjoying experiencing the seasons again. My fave is Fall. Thanks for sharing, K.


    1. Still battling the tail end of this virus, but better than before. And yes, I’m super happy to experience the hope of spring again after so long. Thanks so much for the good wishes, Lorna. Hope you are doing well.

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    1. I’m better but still not quite right. I can’t seem to dredge up any energy, and still having some trouble with upper respiratory. It’s much better than it was, but I can’t seem to shake the tail end of this.

      Oh, and I spent all of last summer here and never saw one firefly yet. I keep hoping to see them. Dandelion chain sounds like fun … at least as a kid … and maybe even as an adult if I can play with my nephews. 😉

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  3. So glad you are feeling better! Having grown up in southern California, where it always seems to be 70 and sunny, even the mild cycle of seasons that I have experienced since then are appreciated.

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    1. I wondered where you grew up. I hear it gets really hot in the summer where you live now. We considered moving there at one time. My nephew just graduated the police academy in your neck of the woods. He starts work next week.


  4. One of the reasons I’m not sure I could move away from my general geographic location is the change of seasons. Though I really, really don’t like winter, the joy spring, summer, and fall bring make it worth it. I can’t imagine not feeling that sense of spring in the air or smelling that crisp autumn scent. Of course, if I had a beach outside my window and a citrus tree, I might feel differently, because those would be pretty nice too!

    Glad you’re up to 80%!

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    1. I’d like a little winter, but I always wanted it to end on January 2nd. If it were feasible, snowbird would work for me. 😀


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