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Pet Blessing

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Animal friends don’t judge whether humans are worthy, nor do they withhold their love.

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The calm felt when petting an animal and joy of watching them at play brings a sense of wholeness. Animals nurture the spiritual qualities of peace and happiness in us.

They instinctively know when to rest, play, stretch, and exercise. The greatest instinct of all is their love with openhearted loyalty.

Let’s thank and bless the pets in our lives and all animals who bring healing love to all of humanity.

~ Paraphrased from DailyWord

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7 thoughts on “Pet Blessing”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. We’ve had a number of pets in our family throughout the years and they’ve each had their own style of unconditional love. My Lucy is boisterous and full of personality and so generous with her love and affection. She keeps us smiling.

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  2. Animals bring such comfort. It’s no surprise they’re used in hospitals and nursing homes to help the ailing. I wish we could have a pet, but husband is just too allergic. So I have to get my cat fix when I go visit my mom. 🙂

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