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It’s No Fair

fair2012wmMany of you know that the one thing I liked about living in Florida was the first three months of the year. It was the only time the weather got a little more comfortable, and all the outdoor festivities began.

In late January, they started with the Gasparilla Fest, which was sort of like Mardi Gras for Tampa. There is a legend about a pirate named Jose Gaspar who invaded the gulf coast of Florida and took over the city of Tampa. So, during the Gasparilla Fest, pirate ships enter the Gulf of Mexico, pretend to invade Tampa, and citizens dress like pirates. A parade follows and then a grand party breaks out in the streets. And yes, beads are thrown to all, but especially to some.

The pirate invasion and party are just the beginning of the festival season. Soon after, The Florida State Fair begins. Regular readers may have read about how my husband and I went there for our Valentine’s Day date every year. We loved going, even if just to eat the food, go to the expo hall and stroll through the historical section of Cracker Country.

ccsmhouse (800x417) wmThis was much better than receiving flowers, going to see a chick-flick or sitting in a dimly lit, crowded restaurant with couples forcing romance.  At The Fair, we laughed, ate junk food and totally forgot all about the schmaltzy, I-heart-you, manufactured holiday.

So, It’s No Fair for us this Valentine’s Day. We’ll have to find some other non-schmaltzy thing to do.

After The State Fair came the Strawberry Fest. We only went a couple of times. It was farther away, and we didn’t find it as clean or entertaining. Except, the Strawberry Fest did have some great concerts with widely known musicians, mostly

Next came another tradition we attended each year, The Gasparilla Art Festival. Many of you have seen the photos and read about it here during the scorching hot year, the polar vortex year, the just-right year, and the rainy year.

By late March, the weather started to get too warm. Outdoor activities were less frequent, and I cocooned myself back inside with the air conditioning.

So today was a bit of a recap and reminisce of the few good months in Florida.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Will you be doing anything special?

Sending heartfelt love to my blogger friends and readers of this blog.

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17 thoughts on “It’s No Fair”

  1. A fair is a great way to spend any day but great for Valentines Day. Just doing something you both enjoy, together 🙂 Does Chicago have festivals & fairs in the warmer months?
    We never have a set plan for Valentines Day. Sometimes it involved flowers or small gifts but we never eat out – a recipe for overpriced overcrowded overhyped disaster usually. This year we were going to watch our favourite Valentines Day movie – Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash & June Carter story but the day was too nice to be inside so we just hung out on the verandah and in the garden.

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    1. Hi EllaDee. Yes, Chicago has festivals in warmer months. The city gets way overcrowded. I try to avoid downtown during those, but I’ll probably attend a fest or two in the burbs.

      “but we never eat out – a recipe for overpriced overcrowded overhyped disaster usually” SO TRUE.

      Sounds like beautiful day on the veranda made for a pleasant Valentine’s Day. 🙂


  2. The pirate festival sounds like a lot of fun, being able to dress in costume and really get into the fun of it all. Kind of like our Renaissance Festival.

    My hubby and I don’t get into Valentine’s Day like some do. We exchange cards and maybe some candy and call it good. And neither of us feels the least bit bad about it.

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    1. Hi Terri. Oh yes, The Renaissance Fair was also part of that festival season there. It was the last one of the “winter” season.

      My husband and I don’t even get cards. We used our money to buy stuff at the Fair. 🙂 I’m finding most couples, at least those who have been together as long as us, don’t really find the “holiday” something to get all worked up about.

      Hope you are doing well. Happy Valentine’s Day.


  3. Valentine’s Day without a significant other is just another day for me. That all ended eons ago and good riddance.
    This Valentine’s day I am flying to New Orleans for my visit to Ochsner Clinic for the next 3 days so sort of fun to be in New Orleans after Mardi Gras. I had my choice to go yesterday or next Monday. I chose Monday and am flying in Sunday.
    Hope you all find some fun things to do comparable to Florida. I am sure Chicago must have many quaint places to go to have good clean fun.
    The right house will appear at the right time….the Universe is in order.

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    1. Hi Linda. I never liked Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We should appreciate our spouses and parents more often than one day a year. Not to mention, it makes me hurt for those who don’t have someone in their lives, and those who don’t have parents and aren’t parents themselves. Mother’s Day was like a stake in the heart when I was trying to conceive, but thank God I still had/have my mom.

      I don’t know if you ever got a chance to read my blog post from last week. My mom liked it. I thought you might too.

      Love, hugs and positive energy coming your way for your upcoming trip. I still keep you in my daily morning prayers. God Bless.


  4. I agree. It’s like most holidays – too commercialized. Sure I like getting flowers but I feel bad if they are expensive ones. I’d rather have a bunch of daisies several times a year than one bunch of expensive roses. And showing you care about your partner should be a 365 day a year thing, for sure. I can see how there are things you miss about Florida, Lori. I’d miss the warm months when I’m living in the cold northern climate, but as you say, when it gets too hot, that’s not pleasant either, so each place has its good and not so good aspects.

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    1. It seems most of us agree that it is a manufactured holiday. And yes, I miss 3 months out of the year only. The weather is not tolerable for me the rest of the year. I also miss the house we owned there. It was our sanctuary. Here, it’s difficult to find something comparable that we can afford. So far, no luck. Thanks for your thoughts, Anneli.

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  5. I’m not much for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s kind of corny (which I’m sure my husband is relieved about), but I like your practice of having something fun you traditionally do on the day. Maybe you two can find a fun museum in Chicago followed by a deep dish pizza. 🙂

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    1. Corny, schmaltzy, yes, a bit much for us. It’s not just about one day of the year, right? BTW, those deep dish pizzas are heaping a bit of poundage on me. I gotta cut loose from those. After so long away, I guess I was trying to catch up. Thanks for your thoughts, Carrie.


    1. Seems most of us agree. I think anyone in a healthy relationship realizes it’s not about just one day of the year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jill.

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  6. I don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day. It seems to me, showing that you care for someone, showing your gratitude should be a 365 day a year activity, and not relegated to one day out of the year, But there you are, I am kind of a humbug when it comes to all this stuff.
    Hope you and your family are well.
    The Fair looks like great fun!!!

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