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Real Life Editing

It’s that time of year already.mits-candy.jpg

Shopping, cold, snow, decorations, and lights. I like to take time out from it all and relax with the Christmas movies. Personally, I prefer the old standbys … It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. I also enjoy Polar Express.

My husband’s favorite, however, is this movie. Can you tell which one it is?

ACS3 (800x438)
It takes place in a small town in Indiana.

ACS2 (800x469)
From the age of ten, my husband grew up in a small town in Indiana.

The movie is about a little boy named Ralphie who wants an official Red Ryder, carbon action, two-hundred shot range air rifle for Christmas. In other words, a BB gun.

My husband’s brother, Bill, also wanted a BB gun for Christmas when they were growing up in their small town in Indiana.

Ralphies mom said he could not have a BB gun for Christmas, because he’d shoot his eye out.

Bill’s mom also said he could not have a BB gun for Christmas, because he’d shoot his eye out.

Ralphie’s dad bought the gun for him anyway.

Bill’s dad also bought the gun for him anyway.

ralphiebIt was a long time ago for Ralphie.

It was also a long time ago for my husband and his brother Bill. But, they relate to that movie, because their parents, the town, the friends, and even the aunt who bought the bunny onesie, are all very familiar. The movie is a memory for them.

This past weekend, my husband, his brother Bill and their two other brothers said goodbye to their father in that small town in Indiana. I can imagine the memories flashing through this son’s mind as he got closure.

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Most families have dysfunction, disagreements, frustration, and especially stress around the holidays. What’s strange is, once we lose one of them, all the dysfunction, disagreements, frustration and stress disappears. We only remember the good times, like those warm family feelings in the movie, A Christmas Story.

Editing. It’s what we do as we age and lose people. We edit out the bad times and remember only the good. It’s the good we take with us. It’s the love that lives on.


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    1. The Scrooge story is a good one. I love the funny version in Scrooged. Ralphie’s story is a memory for my husband. Thanks for sharing your favorite, JM.


  1. I know ‘A Christmas Story’ very well. It’s one of our family favorites. (Also, my middle child, when he was around 8 years old, looked almost exactly like Ralphie. So we love the movie for that reason as well as how much fun it is to watch every year.)

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your father-in-law! Your family is in my prayers.

    This post is a good reminder for me. As you know, we’re dealing with a lot of family difficulty lately. This gives me hope that there’ s something good to come of all this dysfunction!

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      1. Ha. Thanks for letting me know you used a different log in. I would not have known that was you. I responded to you in that login as well.


    1. Nothing like a family health issue to bring out the underlying dysfunction. It did with my father-in-law and also my own family now. But, in the end, my heart remembers the love from my father-in-law. I’m blessed that he welcomed and loved me.

      A Christmas Story is almost like a biography for my husband and his brothers. Ha.

      Hoping things smooth out for you soon. Thanks for the prayers.


    1. I like A Christmas Story, but it’s not one of my favorites. For my husband though, it’s really, truly a memory. His family is so much like them. It is definitely a tradition for many people to watch specific movies for Christmas each year. Have fun.


  2. The story with Ralphie is a hoot! It’s my favorite. I always laugh and I love to laugh. I began watching it as an adult. I grew up on Rudoplh and a Charlie Brown Christmas. They always showed The Wizard of Oz sometime before Christmas, too, as I recall…strange…

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  3. Beautifully said. Once a person is gone, we realize that most of the things that annoyed us were not such a big deal, and the good things that we miss were so much more important. It’s all about perspective.

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    1. You said it better than I, Joy. I’m learning as I age, to focus on the good while we are still here instead of waiting until it’s too late. Thank you for your input.

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  4. Brilliant post – I think my favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Carol – the old version. I don’t know why, because it is really dark and depressing. Maybe I am a Humbug. My husband loves Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation, it is pretty funny!!!

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    1. I like the movie Scrooged with Bill Murray. It takes the original Christmas Carol and makes it funny. But, really, that story does have heartfelt meaning. People tend to forget that, since it’s been played out so many times.

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  5. You wrote this beautifully, Lori. I think your perspective is perfect and valuable. We can’t judge our lives on the feel good, happy movies or glamorous TV shows; they’re not real and full. But the editing, we can take that from it. I’ve seen too many families and people bitter, divided, alienated because they hold onto slights, wrongs, misunderstandings. In effect they shoot their own eye out. My family although not perfect are more important to me than holding onto grudges and ill feelings. And I’d rather do the editing while we’re all still around to enjoy the happy story.
    My go to Christmas films are the comedies… anything with Tim Allen in it, but my favorite of all time is Bad Santa!
    Best wishes to you and your family.

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    1. Hi EllaDee. Yes, unless there is abuse, editing is healthy. Normal family dysfunction is minor in comparison. Getting hung up on slight wrongs and misunderstandings is wasteful. It keeps us from enjoying each other and life.

      I think my favorite comedy for Christmas is Scrooged with Bill Murray.

      Thank you for the good wishes.


    1. Yes, unless there was some type of abuse, editing is definitely healthy. Other dysfunctions are minor in comparison.

      I love Miracle on 34th, too. Thank for stopping by, Charlie.


  6. Even though, A Christmas Story has been on millions of times, I’ve yet to see it in its entirety. I know, how is that possible? Some days it’s on 24 straight!
    I’m thankful I don’t have too much editing to do with family members. I hope your husband and his brothers are healing from their loss, Lori.

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    1. A Christmas Story is usually on 24 hours starting on Christmas Eve, but who knows what they’ll do this year.

      Some families have way more editing to do than others. I got that line from MY favorite show, Everybody Loves Raymond.

      Thanks for the healing wishes, Jill.

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  7. Sorry to hear about your FIL. I suppose it’s best we keep mostly only the good memories. Lightens our soul a bit.

    We visited the house in Cleveland where they filmed “A Christmas Story.” It’s so tiny. Looks bigger in the movie. I wanted an ornament from the gift shop, but the price was so outrageous I couldn’t buy one on principle. But now I wish I had…

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    1. When we drove over to Indiana for the memorial, we stopped at a Welcome Center where they had displays in windows of the movie. That’s where I got the photos from. I’ve heard about that house in Cleveland. I’m surprised it’s so small, but at the same time, that’s what many old houses are like. Sounded like fun to visit there. If I ever get to Ohio, I’ll drop you a line. 😉


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