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Super but Not-So-Red

Hadn’t planned on posting today, but thought I’d share some photos I took of the moon last night. I didn’t doctor them. I just modified the size to fit in the blog better.

1stsitesuper (800x450) wmThis one was at dusk just before the eclipse

4thsitesuper (800x450) wmThis one was a little over halfway through.

5thsitesuper (800x450) wm The blood color didn’t show too much at this time. Maybe it did later, after I went to bed.

7thsitesuper (800x450) wmThe earth’s shadow is almost fully covering the moon, and it looks a little more pink in this one.

Was the sky clear enough where you lived to see the super blood moon? What did you think?

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  1. Hi Lori, these are great photos. Did not see the moon change colors but it was certainly bright with this enormous ring around it. Looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

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    1. Hi SD. Welcome back from your trip. It’s true, the moon so huge that night did look like something from a sci-fi movie. I live my life every day not thinking about how we live on a planet, but the moon that night reminded me that we’re on this giant ball hovering in space.

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    1. Thanks, EllaDee. I’ve got a really great camera that zooms in close, but it’s difficult to keep the camera steady that way. I didn’t have a tripod, so I had to take a lot of blurry ones before I got some good ones.


    1. Right after the sun went down, some clouds rolled in here. We were fortunate that they dissipated as the eclipse progressed. Glad the pictures gave you a glimpse of what it looked like.

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    1. Thanks, Anneli. We had to go two blocks down to an open park to get around the trees to see it. Plus, I have this awesome camera that zooms in really far (Canon Power Shot xs50). The camera is super complicated though, and I have no idea how to work the settings. I just set the ISO, zoomed and clicked. When you zoom in close, it’s really difficult to hold the camera steady. I took a bunch of photos, because I knew that I’d make a lot of them blurry if I moved even in the slightest. Also, when I first started clicking, the moon was behind some hazy clouds, but as the eclipse progressed, those clouds cleared away.

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      1. Haha. I didn’t notice, and actually just did the same thing on someone’s photo on facebook. I was able to edit that one. WordPress should give us an edit button for these comments. 🙂

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