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Many of you have read how much I missed my hometown on this blog.

Since I returned home after 27 years away, that homesickness has dissolved, for the most part. However, after all this time, I figured things were bound to have changed. In addition to losing three people I loved while I was away, and some friends losing touch, the place itself has changed. Sure, there are some good things that remained the way I remember them, but then there are other things ….

I read a poem yesterday on a very kind and intelligent woman’s blog. It pretty much summed it all up for me. I commented to her that it made me realize ….

Homesickness is not really the longing for a place, but for a feeling.

Thank you Linda, for sharing your beautifully written poem.


Home Sick ~

Have you ever been homesick

For things that are forever past

For things that are not meant to last?

The soul turns loose

The mind holds fast

To things that never last.

Have you ever been homesick

To see a face, to hear a voice

Things of the past

That never last.

Have you ever been homesick

For a place in time

For that moment past

That you thought would last

For that moment held dear

For that voice, that face

For a day in time

Which would be the last .

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  1. I think that’s the hardest part. Nothing is ever as you remember it. And you cannot travel back to that time. It’s gone. Great poem!

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    1. Hi Kourtney. Her poem helped me to discover that it’s not an actual physical place that feels like home, but a feeling. So, it’s not in Kansas or Oz, but in our hearts. 😛 Thank for stopping by to read. Hope you’re enjoying your book tour.


  2. I’ve had been homesick for my hometown, although I visit there once in awhile. I promised myself I’ll come back after 20 yrs to see the place where I grew up and I did. However, so much have changed in the place and people I knew were gone-moved to another place. I hardly recognize it anymore, the homesickness I feel was indeed a feeling, a memory.

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    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I moved back to my hometown, and while I’m happy to be here, that “feeling” is not the same. I’m learning to benefit from smiling at those memories and making new ones.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your experience with your hometown.

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  3. That was lovely. Kind of speaks to my feeling that home isn’t a place, but a feeling; so homesickness isn’t about missing a place so much as it is missing the feeling that “home” conjures.

    Glad you’re back where you feel at home! 🙂

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  4. Lovely poem!!!! I have been homesick so many times – in the true sense of the word, away from my parents, missing them, I even missed my brother go figure. But I think the most gut-wrenching homesick feeling I ever get now, is looking at photos of my boys when they were young, and how annoying and exhausting they were, but what wonderful times we had when they were little and with me all the time.

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    1. Yep, no matter if we’re home or not, it appears we can get homesick.

      I can relate. My bro and I don’t really get along, and I’ve gotten homesick for him on rare occasion, too. I’ve even gotten homesick for the kids I never was able to have. 😛

      I think it’s because those times we get a sense of feeling “home,” can happen when being with family (but not always, that’s for sure).

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with that emotion.

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  5. So true. I have been homesick, in the traditional sense, feeling simply out of place in a new location, but it passes. The other home sick, missing a time, place & its people never does. The echoes come to me in tantalizing glimpses of tactile memory so it’s somehow still there but just slightly out of reach.

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    1. Great points, EllaDee. That feeling of “out of place” does pass in a new location. But, missing those old times in an old place, that seems to happen wherever we are. Boy, can I ever relate to those “tantalizing glimpses of tactile memory.” Since I moved back, when I drive down certain roads, I get these flashbacks as if I’m right back in high school with my crush on that long-haired boy. I could almost see smell and taste those days when I worked at the nearby movie theater, which I’m near again. Then, it fades away and I’m the middle-aged Lori who is a happily married writer who just moved back from Florida after 27 years.

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

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    1. Hi Charlie. So glad you were able to relate. The poem really hit me and made me realize that homesickness can even be felt at home.


    1. Hi George. It never really dawned on me about homesickness being a feeling until I read her wonderful poem. Thanks so much for reading. Prayed for your family today.


  6. A definite yes to that question. And I agree–being homesick is more for a feeling than a place. Since my oldest left for college (and the whole summer before), I’ve been ‘homesick’ for his days as a baby and toddler, knowing I’ll never get them back again. But we have our memories, and I’m glad I imprinted some long-lasting ones. No doubt you did too for your hometown.

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    1. What a paradox, that we can still feel homesick even at home. Homesick for that homey feel we once had at home with our families. Heh. If that makes any sense. Thank you for sharing this, Carrie. I can only imagine what it feels like to have your first born leave the nest. Maybe like grief, joy and pride all at once. Hugs.

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