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Another Break

4tflwrs6 (449x800) wmI didn’t get a blog scheduled for this week, so I thought I’d post an update on an earlier post.

Remember A Tale about Feet and then the One Gimp, Two Gimp story? Well apparently, feet injuries are contagious in our home. I’d advice anyone to get a vaccine before they visit us.

Max, our dog has not healed since his injury on July 10th. He would appear to get better and walk fine. Then, he’d exert himself and the injury would bleed again, with subsequent limping. A torn nail should’ve healed up by now.

On Friday, we took him back to the vet and got an xray, which we hadn’t done before. Two hundred and thirty eight dollars later, this is how they sent him home with us.

poormax (800x493)

It turns out, Max’s far right toe on his left leg is broken. The only way to stabilize it from bending is with this long splint on his leg. Needless to say, the picture shows how much he dislikes it. I ache to see him miserable with that thing on, but he was miserable in pain, too.

He has to wear it for two to three weeks. Keep a good thought that he heals quickly.

Hopefully, next time I’ll have a more entertaining post. Have a great week.


12 thoughts on “Another Break”

    1. Hi Terri. Max can’t catch a break. That splint caused a wound on his arm. They had to remove it and treat the sore. He’s walking with a wrap around his foot and leg now, which makes it much easier for him to bend and walk. Thanks for the prayers.


    1. Hi EllaDee. The splint caused a sore on his arm, so they removed it. He is now wearing a wrap around the toe and sore. It’s much easier for him to get around, but we won’t know how long he’ll be healing. Thanks for your hopeful wishes.


  1. I know how much dogs hate to wear these costs, but he does look dapper in the thing! Good luck to all of you. I bet it won’t look so nice and clean by the time you have to take it off! 😉

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    1. Hi Lorna. You’re right, it’s already getting dirty since he got the splint on Friday. He hates walking on it and mostly hops. I hate to see how dirty it would get if he walked on it all the time. Thanks for the luck. We need it. Max is so depressed. 😦

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