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Why I’m a Freak, Reason #6

Last week when I posted reason #5 as to why I am a freak, I promised to post reason #6 next. So, here it is … I want to be swarmed. Let me see, how can I explain this? Well, maybe the video below can show you what I mean.


I never really thought of myself as corny. Heck, I prefer football over chick-flicks any day of the week. But, butterflies and puppies on my list? I better take another good look at myself.

Even worse, it seems that my oddball list is starting to affect loved ones. How, you ask?

My husband returned to work the day after he surprised me with going to a butterfly sanctuary. His job is in a male dominated profession, and the guys were talking about spending their weekend on their Harley’s making stops at biker bars.

My husband remained silent, hoping and praying they wouldn’t notice that he’d made it to work that day.

Then it happened. They asked him what he did over the weekend.

Husband: “I can’t tell you.”

Guys at work: “What’dya mean? Why can’t you can’t tell us?”

Husband: “I can’t tell you.”

Guys at work: “Well, now you have to tell us.”mirrorbfly (800x491) crop wm

Husband, mumbling under his breath: “I went to a butterfly sanctuary.”

Guys at work: “What was that you said? You went to a what?”

Husband hung his head. “A butterfly sanctuary.”

Well, you can imagine the ribbing. My husband is a good sport and took it well. In his field there are a lot of practical jokes on each other. He has played many on others, so this time, the joke was on him.

It’s hard for a husband to surprise his (complaining) wife with something romantic after 30 years. I’m grateful we’ve made it through many ups and downs to still find joy in doing simple things together.

P.S. That’s him in the picture taking a photo of a butterfly. Can you see it toward the bottom?

Do you have any freaky things that you embrace about yourself? Can your other-half still surprise you, or do you know each other too well?

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  1. Your hubby is a good sport! And the other guys were probably secretly jealous that he did something so great for his wife.

    My husband can still surprise me now and then. The most recent thing I can think of is when I lost my Bose earbuds. They were really good earbuds … and expensive too. After weeks of complaining that I couldn’t find them, I came home one day to see he had gone out and purchased a new pair for me! I remember thinking, “He DOES listen when I talk!”

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    1. Ha. I remember that earbud story. Yeah, after all these years, it’s a shock if they can surprise us. Heck, it’s a shock if they actually do something we ask them after only asking one time! Heh. Like take out the trash.

      In an unrelated topic, did you read what happened to Max? I’m having a hard time watching him be so depressed. I try to cheer him up, but it doesn’t work.


  2. Puppy swarms I could handle. 🙂 It’s nice that your husband told the truth about his weekend, even if it did lead to some good-natured kidding at work. I’d bet some of those guys were secretly jealous of him spending quality time like that with you. 🙂

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    1. Hee, hee. I’m sure a guy would never admit to being jealous of their friend going to a butterfly sanctuary. 😉 Good to see you, JM.


  3. Loved the puppy swarm. My husband says he is going to put a fence post out in the backyard, so I can argue with the post – because he says I will debate with anything. I don’t that is completely true.

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      1. No Italian, but my granddad was Welsh, and my grandmother was full blooded Irish – maybe that’s where I got it from.
        I watched the video. Reminds me of an Italian family I used to babysit for. Brilliant group of scientists and professors. They would be talking about something simple like the softness of the bread – and sounding like they were going to get into a fist fight with hands waving around. Really funny video. That little one can certainly hold her own.

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        1. Yep, loudly and passionately discussing the softness of bread is called a conversation in my family. Heh. When I was first dating my husband, he once asked me if everything was okay after a visit with my family. I said, “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” He said, “Well, you were arguing pretty bad.” I was like, “What arguing? We were talking.” Poor guy, should’ve known what he was in for back then.

          I don’t know if the Irish and Welsh debate. I’m guessing there’s a drop of Italian in there somewhere in you. 😉

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    1. Bouncing off the walls, eh? Ha. Welcome to the freak club, Carol. Thanks for reading about my freakishness. I tried to reciprocate, but I couldn’t find a blog for you.


  4. Lovely post. [But I’m not sure about being swarmed even by puppies… I’m thinking economy of scale applies]. I think guys like to do certain so-called ‘girly’ things too, so long as the girly accompanies them. The G.O. and I go half half-ish… his thing is bikes, cars etc… my thing covers anything and everything including bikes & cars. It’s nice to share interests. Mainly at the moment the G.O. covers off my half by coming to farmers markets with me, he says he’s not a foodie, but he enjoys it.

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  5. Puppy swarms! Love it!

    As for freaky things about me…I call them quirks and Phil tells me (I readily admit them, too) that I am Queen of Quirks. My Britta water filter MUST always be filled. To. The. Top. So must my gas tank. And my batteries (cell phone, lap top, Kindle). I could NEVER have an electric car! I abhor clutter. I shun the sun. I dance in public when a good rock and roll song plays–doesn’t matter where I am. I can’t eat even mild spicy food. My bed has to be made every morning and the sheets/blankets/quilt (which I made) all have to be even and straight. Should I go on? Dear me, I should be on medication, but is there a pill for the Quirks?

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    1. Haha. I love this freak club we’ve just created. I have most of those very same quirks. Clutter. ACK! I lived in the Sunshine State and hated all that sunshine. People really thought I was a freak about that one. But, I don’t like constant clouds either. As you know, I’m a Goldylocks kinda girl. The only thing that’s different is that I love spicy food, but the tummy doesn’t always approve. Thanks for sharing quirky go-go girl.

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  6. Just yesterday my husband surprised me by remembering to cancel my son’s guitar lesson like I’d asked. So yes, I guess he can still surprise me. 😉

    You’d like to be swarmed, hmm? Just go to the Iowa State fair and you can be swarmed by presidential candidates. There are probably more of them than there were butterflies in the butterfly sanctuary. 😉

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    1. Haha, no thanks. I feel swarmed enough by all the media about the candidates. I’m all about the puppies (did you see the video?).

      Oh boy, that IS a surprise when a husband actually does something they’ve been asked to do. And, if you didn’t have to ask more than once, that’s REALLY a surprise. LOL


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