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Outdoor Galore

People walk here. I probably see double the amount of people walking in my new neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs then back in Florida where I lived.

walkers (800x436) wmThere are also more people at parks, on bikes and sitting out on their porches. I wondered how the Sunshine State could have less people interested in the outdoors. I rarely saw people sitting outside there.

fambikers (800x444) wmOnce I thought about it, I understood.

Since northerners only have a few months a year where the weather isn’t cold, they’re probably getting out as often as they can. People even snuck out in between raindrops in the record breaking rainiest month of June this year.

It was cool all the way into the first week of July. Still, when it’s not pouring, so many are taking advantage of the outdoors. I don’t blame them, after being cooped up for such long winters here.

skate (800x450) wmI don’t recall ever seeing so many emerging from their cocoons in Florida when it got nice out in the winter. Sure, they had lots of festivals in February and many attended those, but leisurely walks, playing at parks, or sitting outside chatting with neighbors … nope.

Yep, this is what I remember about it here. Especially the friendly chats while sitting outside with neighbors.

sitout (800x400) wm


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  1. I think you’re spot on. For those of us living in climates that provide limited sunshine and warmth, we do our best to soak it all in while we can. I personally spend the summer being thankful each day for such simple things as not having to wear a jacket. Those brutally cold winter days are always in the back of my mind.

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    1. Great points, Terri. I’ve heard a few people (out and about) complain about the heat. I’m thinking, you don’t know heat, sister. This won’t last long (like it lasts where I came from) and these sunny days should be enjoyed while they’re here.

      Walking the dog has been a pleasure in the evenings here. It never cooled down in Florida, not even overnight (for at least 6 months). The evenings are so much more pleasant for a walk. We couldn’t walk Max back in Florida even a block without breaking a sweat, and that’s on a leisurely walk.

      Glad you are enjoying your summer while it lasts. Me too. I’ve got a big awaking coming. 😛 Ha.


  2. In this new neighborhood, I think the adults are enjoying the outside more than the kids. Even when I’m working from home during the day this summer, I hardly see any kids out and about. I guess they’re inside with their game boxes and phones. Well, their loss!

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  3. That’s what I miss about Chicago. We always walked everywhere – hardly ever got in the car to go anywhere – except out to the suburbs. Here, I only see a few people walking in the morning, but hardly see anyone out the rest of the day. Your pictures remind me of that song by Chicago – Saturday in the park – Here it is!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!!

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    1. I love that song by Chicago. Thanks for reminding me of it. Yep, everyone walks in the city. I’m just surprised how many walk in the burbs. There are tons of stores around here, and people even ride their bikes there. It’s a bit congested in this area, but I come to expect that here. Thanks for your input, SD.

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  4. I think it depends on the neighborhood. I live in a development where only the children get outside and are active. I love to walk in the morning and happen to walk in a neighborhood outside of my development. I see many more people walking (with and without dogs). They just seem to be a more active group. And the climate is the same across the road!

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    1. I’m surprised the children even get out (and yes I remember the noise by you). Kids today are usually inside on video games or computers. You could be on to something with the neighborhood thing. My mom’s neighborhood is 12 miles from me now, and while I do see some people walking, there aren’t as many as my neighborhood. On a nice day, there are lines of people walking!
      Thanks for the input, Lorna.

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  5. Your photos make me want to get out and about. I think outdoors vs indoors is a state of mind. I find it fascinating to study people and their environments – books vs no books, gardens vs no gardens, outdoor areas vs indoor living. Even when we had the only tiniest outdoor balcony we spent most of our time on it. We walk rather than drive, sit outdoors rather than in. I think maybe for some of older generations it’s because indoor living & air-conditioning (like packaged supermarket food vs cooking from scratch) is seen as more affluent. It’s interesting to think about 🙂

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  6. I like to get out as much as I can come summer for those reasons you cited. But I spend a lot of time indoors working, and I feel bad when a sunny day goes by and I’ve barely had a chance to enjoy it. But I try to take an evening walk most nights of the week.

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    1. Having a dog taught me to walk often. I wasn’t much of a walker before that. Glad you take it upon yourself to get out for an evening walk.

      If I’m writing (which I haven’t done a lot of lately), sometimes I sit outside with the laptop. I did that in Florida and now in Illinois.

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    1. In the winter it’s beautiful in Florida, but I still never saw many people outdoors. When I first got there, I thought it was odd that people (acquaintances, neighbors, strangers) didn’t really talk to each other outside or out-and-about. After while, I got used to it, but I’m glad to have that back.

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