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If One More Person Asks …

… what (the hell) did you move to Illinois from Florida for … they’ll be a viral video of a short, angry-and-frustrated-woman-100235409 fdpmiddle-aged lady screaming at someone like a raving maniac.

Fellow blog followers, thank you, thank you and thank you again for supporting our move. You came along on our difficult journey and cheered us on when a better opportunity came along. Did I say, thank you?

New people I meet who learn about my move look at me as if I’m a complete moron for making this decision. Yes, I know about the frigid temperature and snow in Illinois. Yes, I know about the below zero windchill factor in the windy city. I lived here for twenty-five years for crying out loud.

chiskyflag (800x445) wmThe Windy City

There were different weather problems we dealt with in Florida. Oh, I don’t know, hmm, let me think what they were … oh yeah, hurricanes!earthfloridasun

Hurricanes aren’t the only issue to deal with in Florida. As to the reason for our move, my regular blogging buddies already know. Anyone who doesn’t understand why we moved can read about it here.

So many act as if I left paradise, or the garden of Eden.

Okay, okay, so Illinois is close to a living hell, but the heat in Florida felt like soaking in the lake of fire to me. People seem to think that if you live in Florida, you’re basking poolside every day with umbrella drinks overlooking the sea and listening to the whoosh of the waves.

passgrlboat (800x533) wmFlorida Beach

Perhaps it’s that way for rich people. I don’t know. But working stiffs live inland and have the same daily routine as anyone from the north. If they’re lucky enough to get vacation time or a long holiday weekend, that’s when they go to the beach. People can do the same thing who live north.

Yes, I know that Illinois is broke and Chicago is corrupt. Yes, I know that taxes are breaking people’s backs and the cost of living is (way) higher. If given a choice, I would’ve moved to Tennessee, but this was where a wonderful opportunity arose. Not to mention, my entire family lives here.

3guys (1024x683) wmChicago suburb where I grew up

Hey, I’ve got an idea. I’ll print up some business cards with this blog link on it. I can hand them out to people when they give me that you’re-an-idiot-for-leaving-paradise-to-live-here, look.

Did I forget to say, thank you fellow bloggers for supporting me?

Have you ever been happy about something and others around you tried to rain on your parade? Has anyone ever questioned your sanity after a decision you made?



21 thoughts on “If One More Person Asks …”

  1. Most people don’t realize that Florida didn’t become popular for vacations or as a place to live until air conditioning was affordable and easy to get. It was “a worthless swamp” in most people’s eyes!

    Maybe you could shake your head, sigh, and say ominously, “If you saw the things I saw, you’d leave too.” That might give them pause for thought before planning their next vacation! 🙂

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    1. I like your suggestion, JM. Now, if only I can remember to use it when I’m thrown the speed-ball comment again. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. 🙂


  2. I think I recognize that suburb. It looks familiar from visits I made to see my sister when she was living in Frankfurt.

    It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about your move from Florida to Illinois. What matters is that you’re doing what you know is right for you.

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    1. Hi Terri. Frankfurt is quite a ways south from my neighborhood.

      It’s just really difficult to think of something to say to someone when they ask me what the heck I moved to here from Florida for. It happened again today. Got any suggestions for me? I just go blank every time it happens. 😛

      Thanks for stopping over. Hope you had a nice weekend.


  3. Good post! While I can understand people’s reactions, not everything is about the weather as you indicated. I received a similar reaction when people found out I was from Southern California but went to college in Texas and settled down in Atlanta. Southern California meant earthquakes and other not-so-great things to me, not beaches and perfect weather.

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    1. Great points, Joy. Thanks for sharing them. I also learned a little more about you. Each of us has unique talents and needs. If we were all the same, everyone would live in Florida and Southern California. Thanks for your support.


  4. My dad lived in Florida for a long time and he complained of the heat. He’d probably pat you in the back for moving close to your relatives, hope you’ll love it! I don’t like too much heat too, I burn so easily.

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    1. Well, good to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t like that heat. I appreciate the support, Seyi. Good to ‘see’ you. Hope all is well.

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  5. What’s wrong with Illinois??? I grew up in Chicago. Love that city!!!! Lived in Florida for 4 months, went through 3 hurricanes and my son getting meningitis. Florida is not a good place for us. Pooh on all those naysayers. If they only knew the true Florida, with alligators in your backyard and snakes and women in tennis skirts called Mindy, that have never worked a day in their life, and look down their nose at people that do have to work and smile that tight-lipped Southern smile to your face and whip that knife out when your back is turned. I think moving to Chicago was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! Real food, real people, real lives.

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    1. Haha, You tell him, girl. People here have grown very cynical. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the politicians who have broken this state financially. It was just beginning to break when we left, and why we couldn’t make it here at the time. But it still has real food, real people, real lives and I’ll add, real culture. Thanks for your support, SD.
      P.S. I’m gaining weight already from the real food. :-0

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  6. It always looks greener on the other side of the fence. I have country friends who think I’m insane to be thinking about leaving my city “lifestyle”. I think they can’t see the gold in their country lives!
    No matter where you go life’s practicalities tag along to keep you company… and they make up the biggest proportion of time you spend your time no matter , it’s the remaining say 25% (if you’re lucky!) that counts as lifestyle. As for living in tropical humidity, I think you need to be born to it. It’s nice to holiday in those places in the dry season but as for living there, you managed for so much longer than I could. I’m pleased for you that you are back home, and you still have Tennessee for the future:)

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    1. I can see you totally ‘get it’, EllaDee. You’re right, everyone does think the grass is greener. I met many people in Florida who came from the north and they said they loved it. But, I’m noticing they’re not too thrilled with the heat right now as I read their posts on facebook. It’s been in the 90’s since late March, with no let-up probably until October or November.

      I’m very grateful for your support and understanding. Thank you.


  7. Well said, Lori. I often think of the people who live and work in third world tourist locations, who can’t afford the leisure time to loll around on the beach, and who hustle for meager pay to serve the tourists. They would have a different outlook on the heat and the sun and the sea around them or, as you say, not around them if they live inland. And of course there are people in our own countries who get decent pay but still can’t lie around and enjoy the “sun and the sea.” They’re too busy living a real life.

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    1. Great points, Anneli. I fell and hurt my ankle here. Landed in the ER. Thankfully, it’s not broken, but sprained. The reason I’m telling you this is, because the nurses in the ER were appalled that I moved here. I told them that they’d have to work in Florida just like they do here. They said, “we could go to the beach on the weekends.” Umm, if you work during the week, you have to do laundry, clean, chores and errands at some point. Those things usually get delegated to the weekend. I didn’t tell them all of that, but they were young. So, there you have it. 🙂 Thanks for your continual support.

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  8. I bet it does get tiring hearing that all the time (not to mention annoying 🙂 ). I suppose for some people it’s just a matter of small talk, but there probably are those who can’t imagine leaving a ‘paradise’ like Florida. But I’ve been to Florida in July. That heat makes an Illinois winter suddenly more tolerable. 🙂

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