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Neighborhood Secrets

When I posted my views from a morning walk and views from an evening walk, I showed photos from my neighborhood stroll with the dog. Many people commented about the nice area where I lived, but I’m going to let you in on our dirty little secrets … literally.

In my memoir anthology, I wrote a story about where I lived as a child and the creepy mystery house two doors down. On my blog, I pointed out how I moved 1,200 miles away from home and had another creepy house two doors down from me.

2002GJ front 2 (800x324)One commenter wasn’t happy with my depiction of this neighbor, so I didn’t blog about what happened soon after that post. Aussa Lorens blog has inspired me to share it now.

All of us nearby neighbors aren’t sure how the woman in the creepy house didn’t appear on the TV show hoarders. After the health department declared it a hazard and asked her to leave, take a gander below at what the cleanup crew found.

2002GJ (800x463)You can find photos of the house before she was removed, here.

One of our other neighbors, AG, is not afraid to ask questions, and poked his head in during the demolition. He saw unspeakable things … things you can only see on reality shows, or perhaps read about in a blog.

I mentioned in my original post that we never saw any garbage put out at the curb there. As a result, AG observed trash piled high (loose, not in bags) to the ceiling inside the house. He also learned that the occupant hadn’t paid the water bill, so you can imagine what types of horrors AG witnessed in the bathrooms.

We noticed a large dent at the bottom of the garage after the occupant left. AG sniffed out the answer to that one as well. (<pun) Apparently, the woman didn’t like being forced to move, so she rammed her PT Cruiser into the door.

2002GJ door (640x512)The garage was piled to the ceiling with loose trash as well. You can see it overflowing from the bottom.

You’d think her removal would raise the level and overall look of the neighborhood, but no. A rental company bought the house and must not have felt it was in need of any cosmetic surgery. The people they rented it to were quite the opposite … to the extreme. It seemed a dozen people lived in the home, and noisy doesn’t begin to describe the sounds coming from there. Thankfully, they only lasted about eight months. Finally, the rental company painted the house and did a few other things to improve the look. We have nice neighbors two doors down now, but what was about to move in around the corner we never saw coming …

More neighborhood secrets revealed here.


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    1. Hey, you know, in my original post I wrote how she used to live with an older gentleman there that we thought to be her father. We couldn’t be sure though. Once he died, she disappeared inside, never to be seen again. Good point, Kourtney. Thanks for stopping by and catching up on my posts. I know you’re busy and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Thanks for he good wishes on my novel.


  1. We had a similar situation a few years ago. Really nice guy. No one had a clue that his was a garbage house too – until he died unexpectedly. And the new homeowners have really beautified the place. We were lucky.

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    1. I’m glad you told me you had something similar. I thought it was just the area where I lived, although, I do have more stories coming up about this place. Hope you’re staying safe and warm from the storms.

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  2. Never mind a creepy house, that’s a house of horrors! We’ve never had anything so extreme fortunately, though we did have to do a flit from one flat when our downstairs neighbour started shouting that he would come and get us with and axe. It all ended well, fortunately.

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    1. Woe, now your story sounds like it could make an interesting post. Mine stories turned out well too, but it’s the not knowing beforehand that’s the scary part.

      Yes, house of horrors describes it well, Miss A. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Florida! I just moved from there. I loved my time there, but I felt the flow of life taking me out of there. Tough job market for me. Family in other places. Broken marriage blah blah. I miss the scenery though, and lately, I’m missing the warmth. I bet you still wear shorts to the grocery store, don’t you! I lived in Kissimmeee and then Eustis and then Altamonte Springs. 8 years total.

    Wow, you never know what is going on – in the random house you walk by in your own neighborhood. I wonder how the health department found out and build a case on her – like I wonder what the process is. My parents were kind of hordie – so I totally went the other way. I’m actually moving again tomorrow. It will be a breeze, not much stuff at all. I wonder if there’s a disorder that categorizes me: doesn’t have much stuff – moves often, ha.

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    1. Hey, Florida huh. Well, it’s finally getting to the time of year that I can tolerate it here. I haven’t been able to open a window since March. The a/c has been on every day since. But, we’re finally getting to the only reason (for me) to enjoy it here … winter months. The job market actually worked better for us here than where we came from (Chicago burbs). We actually had to move to Florida in order to survive financially. Probably, depends on what occupation. But, if there ever comes a time we can get out of here, I’m doing it.

      I think I have the opposite disorder of hoarding myself … fear of clutter. Ha. Must stem from my phobia … claustrophobia.

      So, where are you moving to now? Did you find work? I hope so. Keeping good thoughts for you.


    1. Ha, yes, she would’ve been a good reality show, for those who are into that sort of thing. There are a few more reality seasons from this neighborhood that will soon be shared. Thanks for stopping by, Lorna.


  4. What a terrible disorder to have … poor woman, it makes me so sad to think about that she had to live in that mess. I hope of all my heart that she have got the help that she needs. I’m a bit of a hoarder, but not on sick level (I hope). Interesting post.

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  5. I feel for the various plights of unfortunate neighbours but I have to be honest, I love the stories… For theG.O. and I the benchmark is when it’s “better than TV”… but in the nicest possible way, and there certainly isn’t much good being aired on free-to-air TV these days just unreal reality TV!
    I have first hand knowledge of people whose living skills have gone AWOL having been their landlord on a couple of occasions. One thought it was ok to keep 5 dogs and numerous chickens in the house, oh, and not pay rent. We had to rip out the carpets, gurney the entire inside of the house and paint it with strong disinfectant to get rid of the smell!

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    1. ACK! I can’t imagine having to clean up after those renters of yours. As far as the hoarders, it’s sad and baffling at the same time. Thanks for reading, EllaDee. I have more neighborhood stories to tell.


    1. That’s a pretty plausible theory about hoarders, Jill. I can’t even stand when a room has too much furniture, let alone clutter of things, and worst of all, trash. You’re right, we don’t know what’s going on behind their walls, but I have more revelations coming.


  6. That’s so sad. I hope wherever that woman is now, she’s getting the help she needs.

    Considering the experiences you’ve had with neighbors, I’m enormously relieved for the quiet and tidy homes and inhabitants on either side of me. 🙂

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    1. Hey Carrie. The hoarder lived there for twenty years. I too, wondered what would become of her. Glad you have quiet and tidy neighbors. I’ve got even more stories to tell about this neighborhood here.

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  7. Wow. That is a LOT of trash piled on the curb. Hoarding is so fascinating, and I’ve never even watched the show. I’ve seen people at the hospital do it though, (patients) but one of the worst hoarders I’ve personally seen is our staff psychologist. I need to take a photo of her office.

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    1. Hey Aussa. I never watched the show Hoarders either, but I had a show two doors down for a while. That’s not the end to my neighbor stories either. Yours inspired me to share about mine. Thanks.

      Should be interesting to see pics of your staff psychologist’s office. I can’t stand clutter, or even if there is too much furniture in a room. 😛

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