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Don’t Hate me because I’m Basking

benchstaug (608x800) wmOn occasion I get ideas for blog posts and never write them down. Subsequently, I forget about them. Today, I’m writing an idea off the top of my head and will post it as soon as I’m done typing this out. Oh, and after I sift through photos to find one appropriate for this subject matter.

I especially have to write this now, because it is about an emotion I’m feeling that will only last for today. Don’t worry, the emotion will return in the future, but for now, I expect it to last twenty-four hours.

Do you remember what it feels like on that first day of spring when you don’t need to slip on heavy attire or even a light jacket to go outside? You know, when the birds are singing their return from the south, and the breeze feels crisp but the sun warms your skin? You open a window over your kitchen sink and a waft of air carries the scent of moist grass and budding flowers?

I know most of you reading this are probably highly disappointed in your weather at this point, but come spring, you’ll know why I’m so happy today. It’s the first day since March that I’ve been able to break out of the manufactured air in my Cocoon of Cool and experience a day of perfect weather. The gratitude and the joy are palpable. Wheeeeeee.

Unfortunately for my favorite northern bloggers, your outdoor temps must dive to where you need to remain enclosed, in order for me to break free. So, thank you north, for sending me a pleasant day. I know it will be gone (for me) tomorrow, perhaps Tuesday, but today I write to you sitting next to an open window. First time since March.

So, from Florida, please forgive me while I bask. Ahhhh.


23 thoughts on “Don’t Hate me because I’m Basking”

  1. I read this earlier but didn’t comment! Basking is the best. I promise not to hate you. At least in this moment…we’ll talk again in the ‘dead’ of winter…lol

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    1. Not basking so much in the 90 degrees we’ve had over the last several days. But yes, I’m sure you’ll feel differently about me basking in the dead of winter … the only time I enjoy living here. πŸ™‚


  2. This made me smile. I know how much you’re bothered by the heat and humidity. You deserve some relief! And actually, I’m not complaining up here. Fall is probably my favorite time of year. It’s so pretty outside. The past week has been cooler than normal, with frost on the ground a few days. But the daytime temps have been comfortable enough to wear just a light jacket. And I keep hearing that the coming winter will be milder than last. I’m pretty happy about that!

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    1. I did enjoy that one day, Terri. Back to 90 degrees every day since. But, at least it was a sign of things to come. Glad you are enjoying the fall. Sounds wonderful.


    1. Thanks, Andrea. I hope we get to bask in some more perfect day soon, too. Because, since I posted this, it’s been back to 90 degrees. Whew.


  3. Bask as much as you can. We all have to take it when we can get it! Last weekend we escaped from the city to the country, and slept with the luxury of an open door and fresh air, noisy morning birdsong but no noisy trains. Hot days and cool but not quite chilly evenings. That’s my bliss, and I’m so glad you enjoyed and shared yours πŸ™‚

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    1. Love the fall, too, but won’t see that here. I’m grateful for this nice day though. Glad you’re able to enjoy a gorgeous weekend up there in Atlanta. Thanks for reading, Miss Joy.


    1. Thanks, Carrie. At this time of year it’ll only last a day, but I’m enjoying it while it’s here. Stay warm up there and thank you for the support.


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