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Out Loud

by Lori (L. Virelli)

piezon-face-600-2 wm

I speak your name out loud
Every single day
Even after all this time
Since you have gone away

When I call out your name
I imagine you coming here
Happy, smiling and wiggling
doing the things I found so dear

Sometimes I hear you answer
Through the bird song we used to hear
And in a vision I see us together
On that porch where we vacationed one year

porch pie wm
I know you are safe and sound
I know you are happy as can be
I trust we’ll meet again someday
In the heavens where we’ll have a jubilee

 Every single day
I speak your name out loud
Our bond remains forever strong
For this we have avowed.

menpiez wm


23 thoughts on “Out Loud”

    1. Thank you, Miss Terri. I too, believe I’ll be with him again one day. He kept me grounded and feeling safe. I could go on and on about that dog infinitely. He was/is my soul mate. Hugs right back to you.


    1. Thank you, Linda. My new guy, Max, gives even better hugs. But, my Piezon, well, he took a piece of my heart with him when he left. I understand how much you miss your Laddie every day. I’ve been missing my boy more than usual, so I quickly wrote it down and popped it up on my blog. Thank you for reading it.


    1. You should see his puppy photos, Anneli. They aren’t the same breed, but they look very similar to Emma. We get them for such a short time, but I wouldn’t give up a minute of it. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


    1. Oh yes, I am sure about that, too, Kathy. Sometimes I sense him nearby. Lately, I’ve been missing him more than usual, so I wrote this out and dropped it onto my blog. Thanks so much for reading it and commenting.


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