Endless pursuit to fix ourselves

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In our identification as a separate self, as a separate wave in the ocean of existence, our minds often fixate endlessly on how to improve or make ourselves better.

We fuss, suffer, attempt to fix our personalities.  We often think of ourselves as flawed human beings who–with just the right magic wand of effort–should be able to create ourselves into ideal creatures.  We think we shouldn’t have these inappropriate thoughts, habits, emotions.  If we just try hard enough, we reason, we’ll correct our personalities and make them conform to our inner idea of who we should be.

Let me interject.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this desire to fix ourselves.  It’s just what the mind does.  It attempts to take away our suffering and make us happy.  The mind wants to create this life as something it deems good.  It’s attempting to be kind.

If our car battery…

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4 thoughts on “Endless pursuit to fix ourselves”

  1. We should take self inventory and try to make ourselves better people. But I have stopped obsessing about it. I figure if I am never the source of anyone’s misfortune and never pass up an opportunity to perform a charitable act I’ve done well.

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