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Almost Perfect

mins fest wmWhere do those stairs lead to in the picture above? Are those minuets sticking up above them? Let’s climb to the top and see what’s beyond.

min fest wmAhh, yes, it’s the yearly Florida art fest in March that I shared about in years past. The minuets belong to the University building in the distance.

The first time I posted about this art event in, Don’t Hate Me because I’m Hot, I didn’t want you northerners to hate me because I couldn’t handle the unbearable heat. I knew you’d likely trade places with me in an instant.

The second time I showed you the fest (last year), in The Difference a Year Makes, it was much colder. Fest-goers actually wore coats and hats to keep warm.

This year it was almost perfect.

art bird wmfest ppl wmglass art wmBalls of glass

As the day went on it got a little hot for me, but I won’t complain to you shivering northerners. After some on-and-off health issues, I’m just grateful to have been well-enough to take advantage of the day. And, to experience the sight of jade palms against a cobalt-blue sky.

sky palms wm (800x450)In case you missed my short story memoir series free read, you can find Mystical Tours 1 here and Mystical Tours 2 here.


11 thoughts on “Almost Perfect”

  1. The artist in the feathered cap makes me smile. It reminds me of our time living in Florida. There’s always at least one pirate at every event. 😉


    1. Yes, the art fest is called Gasparilla festival of the arts, and it’s based around a pirate named Gaspar. They do this every year here in the winter. It starts with a parade (with lots of pirates) and then subsequent fests just about every weekend through the first of March. It’s the only time of year we won’t get heatstroke if we spend more than 5 minutes outside. 🙂 Thanks for checking it out, Anita.


  2. Lori, how wonderful colorful this is …. and that last glass one is very interesting. Love glass. So I have to visit in March to not miss this. I remember your last year post about this event – and how hot it was … I like nearly perfect. *smile Palm-tree photo is so beautiful.


    1. Hey Viveka, the art fair is always the first weekend in March, in case you’d like to travel to see it.

      You’ll have to come back and read about me meeting Kevin. I still have a few more parts to post. I don’t like posting more than 500 words at a time, but one or two of them go longer. Thanks for reading.


    1. I had many pictures of the art from the past two years, so I didn’t put much up this time. The glass globes were something new to me, and the lovely day was picturesque. Thanks for checking it out, Andy.


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