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The Birth of a Blog

It’ll happen on this coming Sunday … the second anniversary of the day I posted my first blog.

monarch wmHappy Birthday Lori’s Lane.

Please join me as I share the raw and honest beginnings of this blog, but be prepared, it wasn’t always pretty.

I actually opened up an account as a blogger two and a half years earlier (May of 2009), but I never posted anything. I originally planned for it to be a <gulp> political blog. I lost interest in that notion pretty quickly. However, that is not the reason why I didn’t post anything for thirty months.

You see, right after I opened up an account and named this blog, my beloved son, the only child I had ever parented who happened to have four legs and fur, got sick and died. It took me six months to write anything other than mournful poetry. Once I got back into creative writing, I had no desire to figure out how to maneuver this blog. It seemed like just another irritating social network device to learn, and I’m not computer savvy.

Fifteen months later, a person in my writer’s group opened up his own e-publishing business. He agreed to publish an anthology of my short stories. After nine more months, a memoir anthology was born. The new publisher encouraged me to start an author’s blog. Luck would have it, that I had already signed up for this one, which had remained dormant. Lori’s Lane was born a few days later (after a WordPress learning curve).

As I’m sharing this story and looking back on the whole thing, it seems like the Universe worked in just the right order for this to pan out. It’s really something … how even my loss led to better things. It didn’t seem like it at the time, because after my boy died, the dark, mournful energy followed me around. One thing after another kept going wrong in my life, from my cat dying a few months later, to vehicles and household appliances breaking down, even snakes found their way inside my house. But, as life progressed, things improved, and here I am today, smiling as I type this out.

I never dreamed in a million years how much I’d love blogging. I want to thank all of you who have come into my blogging life and read me. You keep me posting. My clicks are low these days, so for those of you who have stuck with me, thank you, thank you, thank you. May you be infinitely blessed. Those of you who have just found me, a joyful welcome, and blessings to you as well. Merry Christmas my kind-hearted blog friends. Yes, I’m talking to you … personally. Sending warm hugs from Florida.


28 thoughts on “The Birth of a Blog”

  1. I’m really glad I read this today 🙂 I can’t remember when I joined your blog, but I’ve always enjoyed it, and it inspires me that one day I will write again, too! Happy New Year!


    1. Hi Michelle! I think you were one of my very first contacts when I started blogging. Thanks so much for coming over and commenting. Happy New Year to you too.


  2. It is strange how new life can birth out of sorrow, Lori. Enjoyed reading your thoughts–so happy that you are a blogging friend. It’s always enjoyable to stop by and read what you share. Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you, Linda. I’m grateful to know you through this blogging world. Listen, if you read this response to your comment, come back over to my blog and read your comment again. It puts a bunch of info on your comments that I’m not sure you meant to show up. I don’t know if you have some sort of a bug or something. Check it out if you read this.


        1. Yep, I just checked to see if I could delete it and it worked. It’s gone. I noticed that it came up on your blog once too. I don’t know if it’s still there though (on yours).


  3. Congratulations, Lori, on reaching this milestone and I wish you many more years of blogging.

    Your post speaks of a rough path trodden and grows my admiration for you. May the next corner hold pleasant surprises and rewards.



    1. Thank you, Eric. I’m grateful for my path, as it could’ve been worse. I’m humbled and appreciative to have met you in the blogging world. Blessings to you.


  4. When Life hits me in the gut, or I weep in empathy for someone else, I rail against the platitude that “things happen for a reason.” Even in my calmer moments, I have trouble with that belief. But I do see, over and over, that so many people find their way out of grief to reach acceptance and renewed happiness as time passes. I’m glad you found the strength and desire to move forward with your blog and wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season and New Year.


    1. Hi JM! It’s not very compassionate to tell someone in the grips of grief that things happen for a reason. I think it’s probably those people who have no clue what to say and don’t think clearly before they say something silly. I do not believe that things happen for a reason. However, I do believe that whatever does happen, the Universe will align itself to eventually allow something good to come out of it. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. But, while in the grief, it’s best to acknowledge our pain and just do what we have to do to get ourselves through the fire, one baby step at a time. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m humbled and grateful you’ve joined in at my blog.


  5. Congrats! Glad you decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and stick with it. My two-year blogging anniversary is right around the corner in January. 🙂


  6. What a fantastic post, Lori … this is so much you – the sadness … the lost .. the adventures … the thoughts … the joy … the heat …. the longings and your writing. Happy Birthday, Lori’s Lane … so glad I have been able to walk the lane with you, Lori.


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