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Random Thought

fun palm lights wmSome dream of a white Christmas. I dream of a Christmas under eighty degrees.

I’ve posted something every day this week … sometimes just a random thought that comes to the forefront of my mind. I may continue to do this on occasion.

I figure most people will be busy and/or away next week, so I’m going to post my Monday post tomorrow, Friday, December 18th. It’s my anniversary blog, so I’d love for you to return and celebrate with me.


16 thoughts on “Random Thought”

  1. I do like seeing palm trees all decorated up for Christmas. I hope you get your wish for some *cooler* weather. We’re headed off to Georgia on Wednesday. I still think it will be kind of cool down thattaway.


  2. Well done, Lori … and congratulations to your work and blog. Looking forward to what will come.
    You have Christmas in your heart .. even if it’s warm outside – love your photo. I want snow for Christmas … but this year they say it more likely we will golf instead of skiing. Very mild, grey, windy and wet just now. But still a couple of days to go. Had 24 hrs winter 14 days ago. Loved it.


    1. Hi Viveka. Sounds like a mild winter by you. I always imagined blustery cold winters in Sweden. Thank you for coming over. If you have time, stop by my blog and read about my blog’s beginnings. Hugs.


      1. Lori, believe or not I love my cold winter and blustery too if so be.
        I will be over .. if my butt allows me to sit down for a longer period. That is why I haven’t been around in your world. Have a good day today. *smile


    1. Thanks for getting it, Anita. I moved here from Chicago 25 years ago, and I still haven’t adjusted to pink flamingos wearing Santa hats. 🙂 Thanks for coming over and checking out my blog.


    1. It’s understandable when you’re freezing to want to be warm. As in one of my previous blog posts, I call myself Goldylocks because I like it just right. Or, maybe a teensy bit cool after hot weather for 8 straight months. Thanks so much for coming over here, Aussa.


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